Body Parts Series

Synonyms: Butt, Ass (vulgar - because of connection to Democrats), Arse (if you're from The land where they call potato chips, crisps.)

The part of the body which people use for sitting on. Some people talk out of theirs, while others use theirs to pull ideas out of. They have the unique quality of being like opinions, everybody has one that nobody else wants to hear.

Beavis butthead 1

Famous humorists - POTUS and Senatehead

Cartoon butt

Example of a bum / butt. (photo courtesy of Mark Foley)

Canadian pussy Tom Green even went so far as to sing a whole song about his perverted obsession over the bum. All rappers have written songs about butts. No self-respecting rapper would call a butt a "bum". No self-respecting American either, for that matter.

Also one of Stephen Colbert's favorite body parts, as is true with all men.

Other Uses for the BumEdit

  • Spanking
  • Grabbing
  • Tickling with a feather
  • Warming Uncle Harry's lap

Famous Bum QuizEdit

See if you can guess the BUMEdit

Click here for Bum Quiz Answers

(Hint: Your answers will spell out Stephen Colbert's reporting style)

See AlsoEdit

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