Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Bully-nejad is a terrorist.

God I shouldn't have killed that nerd. he might have invented toilet paper

Bully (Primate: Neanderbully Assholdyte)


Species of BulliesEdit


Assholite Maximus

  • Homorectum Closetux:
  • Assholite Maximus:
  • Looserux Rex:
  • Alpha Rage Micro Phallus:
  • Xenohole Ignoramus:
  • Pculrectus Arsbandus
  • Holierthanthou Retardux: They are known to roam the series of tubes.
  • Rapux Pussius Maximux: They are slimy ugly pigs that roams the land looking for pussies to bully, they have sex with them first before the bully begins.
  • Tubox e-Bully: A bully found in the series of tubes


This poor Douchebag needs your help

2011 ComedyEdit

In 2011 a bunch of comedians got together and said to themselves "Wouldn't it be funny if we could get a bunch of self important cunts to rant about how bad bullying is as though bully's will care? If would be only better if we could get them to act as though only straight people can be bullys and only gay get bullied! LOL"

The following was the result of that meeting:

The Bullying Championship: America's Past TimeEdit

Bullying Championship, coming to the closest college/school/kindergarten/school yard/household/series of tubes/neighborhood near you.

2010 Tour:Edit

Gay BullyingEdit

Joel Burns tells gay teens "it gets better" http www.joelburns12:55

Joel Burns tells gay teens "it gets better" http

See, gay bullying is good for you.
It makes you stronger
(as long as you dont kill yourself)

Not content with just taking away from our children the sacrosanct activity of bullying sissies to enhanced their own manhood; now they are trying to corrupt our children by allowing teh gey menace to flaunt their gayness into our children's faces without a heterosexual self-defense form.

Kids that are already infected with teh gey are isolated and contained in a special chamber, the quarantine could last forever.

Solving The Gay ProblemEdit

The mythical land of Africa has suffered from a variety of troubles over the decades. Civil War, drought, tribal warfare, financial troubles, broken infrastructure, chaos, anarchy, AIDS, poaching, terrorism, and colonial oppression. But thankfully the Real Afrikans have found a solution that plagues their lives, killing the gays eliminating the source of teh gey. It is well known fact that the gays are the cause of all of their troubles and by eliminating the gay problem in Africa they can return to a time when Afrika was the land of milk and honey. It is so simple, it has to be true!

The Real Nation of Uganda is ready to join the 21st Century by solving the gay problem. The "Kill All Gays" "The Environmental Bill to Sanitize the Glorious Uganda Nation of the Gay Infection" bill is ready to solve the gay problem while saving traditional marriage and their children from the gay threat.

I suggest America adopts these same ideas, clearly the Uganda Nation is into something. Maybe we should introduce an anti-gay policy into our schools to stop the gay infection from affecting our children.

Teletubbies Awareness Month:Edit

The Teletubbies are trying to push their insidious gay agenda by forcing people to wear purple.

Bullying: There is an App for That!Edit

George Takei Calls Out Anti-Gay Arkansas School Board Member02:14

George Takei Calls Out Anti-Gay Arkansas School Board Member

That's right, Captain Sulu called you a douchebag!

You got a problem?

Nerd BullyingEdit

It is a well known fact that nerds, dorks, and other outcasts lack proper self-esteem and the only way to help them is to ridicule them until they either commit suicide or they bring a gun to school become just like us, normal.

To help your child to start on the path of becoming a bully, the easiest target are girls.

Easy Targets:Edit

External TubesEdit

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