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Nancy pelosi

Nancy Polosi, she says alot of bullshit.

Bullshit is a adjective to describe the words that draw from the mouths of Liberals, communists, Scientologist's, Nazi's and the bloody English. This doesn't necessarily mean that what there saying isn't true , but that no one cares what they have to say, and that its not true!

Mathematical equation for Bullshit Edit

The mathematical Equation for Bullshit is actually very simple.


The L stands for Liberal plus a Voicebox equals Bullshit, Multiplied by 2 because their bullshit is just so horrific.

The War On Bullshit Edit

Its a power struggle, there's just to much bullshit these days. But Stephen Colbert is already on the case, by fighting against the pinky Communists. If we go to wikipedia and replace every quote of a liberal, communist or just straight out anti-conservative with the word "bullshit", we can spread awareness and stop this pandemic.

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