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Bulgaria, a part of New Europe, is state whose name you might or might not have heard. It boasts one of the wisest populations in the world due to its strong support for American foreign policies. It supported the start of the righteous Iraq crusade and thus earned its place in NATO. It later turned its back on civilization, however, and chose to join the EU as well. Lately the country entered its dark ages by electing leftist as its President and Government. However, there is light in the tunnel, since the American military bases there will start functioning soon.

Population Edit

You should also be warned that many Bulgarians, due to being non-American, want to come to the United States and steal jobs from the hard-working white-collar upper middle class. Fortunately, their broken East European accents gives them away easily and so one can determine their sub-American status pretty quickly. Unfortunately, they seem to score extremely well on SATs, thus gaining access to liberal-nazi institutions such as Harvard, Princeton and Yale, eventually leading them to steal jobs from Americans.

Sport Edit

Bulgaria's national sport is soccer. Even more peculiarly, however, Bulgarians seem to pay no attention whatsoever to baseball or true football. Their good taste is only evident due to their high interest to the NBA and NHL. The rising popularity of golf is only one of the signs of the recently rising living standard and civilizing of the nation.

History Edit

Little can be said of the country's history, since it was all made up anyway. Bulgarian history books say that the country had existed for twelve centuries before America was established. Since no information on Bulgaria can be found in real American history books, however, it is evident that country has little history if any at all.

The country was set free of communism in 1989 by CIA's best efforts and Ronald Reagans' winning of the Cold War. The transformation of Bulgaria ended with its entry into the NATO in 2004.

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