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"Build Your Own Cult Compound"
is one of's game-like activities
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With stories of a cult dominating the news, Americans are understandably curious about cults and their compounds. News agencies such as CNN, MSNBC and FOX have aerial video, and computer-generated simulations. No one, however, has had an inside view of a cult compound. offers this tube as a public service, so that cult builders can share their special knowledge with Americans unfamiliar with this lifestyle.

Information To IncludeEdit

When building your compound, please provide the following information:

  • what is the name of your compound
  • what is the name of the cult running the compound? If your own cult, please specify the following:
    • are you the messiah of this cult?
    • do you practice polygamy?
    • is this a doomsday cult?
    • is the cult isolated from the outside world?
  • which American state would you build in and why
  • what modern technology is allowed?
  • what is the dress code?

My Cult Compound #1Edit

  • No girls are allowed (except for mom but only so she can bring sandwiches to my tree house uh I mean Cult Compound).

My Cult Compound #2Edit

The name of the compound is "Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Bathroom Ranch" located in Minnesota. The cult is not a doomsday cult, nor does it practice polygamy, or have any contact with women whatsoever.

The public is welcome to my compound, which consists of hundreds of individual stall-like rooms.

We are mostly informal, come as you are, and the only modern amenity we have is indoor plumbing.....and tap dancing lessons.

My Cult Compound #3Edit

Name of Compound: Never-Neverland
Deity Worshiped: Pedobear
Name of Cult: Pedobearism (offshoot of Bearism)
Technology: computer, webcam
Isolationism: True
Polygyny: True
Doomsday: False
Dresscode: Nudism

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