British Isles
has bad teeth and a funny accent because it is British.
Josh purse medium
British Isles
drives on the wrong side of the road, and carries a man purse.
Must be European.
Hey, where the hell is
British Isles???
I don't care, it's not America...hey nice ass, lady!

The British Isles as seen from space. The Falkland Islands and Britain proper are covered by wispy clouds.

The British Isles are, in order of size: Great Britain, Ireland, Britain, the Isle of Man, and the Falkland Islands. They are the most British isles in existence.

Rumor has it that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, which controls all of the British Isles (Britain, the Isle of Man, and the Falkland Islands simply being assumed; the country name is long enough as it is while just covering the largest two isles), is looking to make Gibraltar into the sixth British Isle even though it isn't an island. There's a way to fix that...

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