British Historic Society
has bad teeth and a funny accent because it is British.
British Historic Society
is a friend of the British Economy that brings Wealth and Prosperity to Capitalist Nations
The Free Market
American Investors thanks you, British Historic Society


British Historic Society (Historic BS for short)

Historic BS is an American a British company founded in Novem­ber 23, 2010 XIXVIXIMMX [1] and they are trying to preserve British culture and historic by selling it one piece at a time to a hungry and gullible free market. The founder of this society is Dr. Who and he uses a time machine to travel back in time[2] to find new artifacts to sell on the market.

The mission of the Historic BS is to preserve the glorious British Historic by selling low high quality forgeries replicas to the ignorant peasant masses consumers interested on the historic of British royalty. This distasteful and blatant disregard for Princess Diana's memory and for Her Majesty's family will probably escalate into a litigation battle, if worst comes to pass it may trigger an international retaliation in the form of a Nucular War This is a wonderful display of the free market at works showing how greed and patriotism can help the Historic BS produce a historic replica to satiate market demands to those interested on the Royal Family and the wonderful memory of Princess Diana who is probably whispering in the consumer's ears: "Buy it, Buy it Now! Or God will kill a kitten if you dont!"

  • Please do not confuse them with the "British Historical Society", they are a bunch of posers.


  1. 1116112010: They are from the future![1]
  2. Who knew that breaking and entering a museum was a crime?

British TubesEdit

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