has bad teeth and a funny accent because it is British.

The island of Britain, just within the eastern edge of the North Atlantic.

Britain is America’s grumpy grandfather, always miserable and moaning about how he used to be great, but still retain an unusual influence, due to a history (look it up, it means anything more than a couple of weeks old) A vast proportion of the residents of the United States come from or through Britian, who was polite enough to let them go somewhere else, anywhere else, just go.

Britain isn't quite as great as Great Britain, but it's still all right. The British people lend their name and nationality to the entire citizenry of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and also to the some dependant territories for the former British Empire.

Britain is one of the three major British Isles. The other two are its big brother Great Britain and Ireland. (American geographic standard method of reference used).


As a result of over 300 years of inbreeding, British people have crooked dysfunctional teeth to match their extra-chromosome.

For the entire duration of the Cold War, they were nice enough to be the part of the Western European buffer zone to keep Communism away from the USA. Despite of this, Britian still has an inferiority complex and the strange belief that they have any relevance in American life. They still get extremely butthurt if you only describe their country as being a buffer zone.

Britain TriviaEdit

  • Many famous British people are actually not English. Isn't that funny, they could also be Irish, Welsh, or Scottish.
  • British food is made of real things, like meat, vegetables (they grow on plants), and other items, not scraped off other left overs of the above.
  • The beer in Britain actually taste like beer and not urine, comes in propper sized portions, and actually gets you drunk, not pretend drunk - if it takes five litres to make you fall over its second hand beer, imported and filtered (labeled Budweiser)
  • All british people extremely sorry America can't see the size of its own arse.
  • British people travel - this means firstly getting your arse off of your chair, and moving a distance much further than Walmart, and yes you can drive there, if you have forgotten how to walk.
  • Their Royal Family is made up of people who have married their brothers and sisters.
  • Although they think otherwise, British people are greatly inferior to Germany and the German people in every way possible. (socially, economically, politically, militarily, culturally and soccer)
  • Despite of there obvious inferiority to Germany, Germany is still European, therefore inferior to the U.S.A.

See AlsoEdit

The normal (not royal) anthem of Britain!!!

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