Introduction Edit

BYU was, is, and has always been the pinnacle of higher education. The university adheres to a healthy combination of academia and mormonism. The Mormon aspect of BYU has only advanced the university's prestige and leverage in the scientific community. Unlike any other academic institution, BYU does not dabble in theory or "what ifs" but simply adheres to the principle of "If Joseph Smith didn't say it, it ain't true.".

Learnings Edit

While most colleges and universities use textbooks for classroom instruction, Brigham young is far more advanced. All students are given stones on the first day of class, upon receiving these stones the students immediately place them into white hot stovepipes and then gaze into the stone placed inside of their magical hat. The stones can give various pieces of information from homework assignments, reading assignments or the location of buried treasure. This information is then painstakingly transcribed on scrolls which are carefully filed in the University Library, or Truthiness Repository. It is a little known fact that the famous news anchor Glenn Beck derives all of his reporting from these scrolls.

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