Brian Williams
Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy
Not quite girlie, not quite man,
Brian Williams
is all Girlieman.

Brian Williams is a hack anchorman for the hit comedy series The NBC Nightly News.

Mr. William's first job was as a Hobo Fight Moderator; he was unceremoniously fired after a young Stephen Colbert reprimanded him. By April 2007, however, he had slept his way to the top, and was allowed to host the first Democratic debate of the 2008 Presidential race.

Williams broke the news of Stephen's wrist injury to the world. Like a typical liberal, however, he buried this earth-shattering story under some fluff about the body count in Iraq.


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  1. "Brian William's penis size is his personal business and should remain private between him and his life partner Jon Stewart."
Brian Williams
looks good in anything,
but looks hot in drag, baby!!
Angelina jolie 032
Don't be too mean,
Brian Williams
is a registered Pussy.

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