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Brian Lamb has earned

Brian Lamb (born during the Great Depression) is not a friend of Dr. Stephen Colbert.

He is the CEO of C-Span. He makes The Baby Jesus cry by allowing godless, Baby Jesus-hating democrats to call in on his show, Washington Journal. Dr. Stephen Colbert has suggested that Brian only have his phonelines open to Real Americans and wishes that C-Span be more like FOX News. Stephen says conservatives are the only people who matter in America and is deeply sadden that Brian has allowed his phonelines to be infested with hellbound Democrats and Atheist Independents. Brian will burn in hell for that, Amen.

The good people of America have no need to worry about Brian Lamb. While President Bush is busy fighting the war on terror, former President Gerald Ford is busy fighting the war on C-SPAN with his crank calling abilities. Thank you Gerald Ford, you are super awesome.

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Hell's Earthly Headquaters

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