Brett O'Donnell
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

A know-it-all from an East Coast elite college, who finally got a lesson in nailing from the good Doctor Colbert on February 28, 2006. A debate coach at Liberty University, he claimed that they were the national champions in 2005. However, they had won the American Debate Association national tournament, which sounds impressive, but is basically like winning the NIT of college debate.

The National Debate Tournament (NDT) determines the real national champion. A list of previous winners by year can be seen here. Liberty University has never won the NDT. The National Debate Tournament determines the best debate partners, but does not determine the best national championship team. Liberty University did win the national debate tournament overall rankings in 2006 and in 2007.

NDT overall rankingsEdit

Rankings from Whitman College

2007 Top 10 Overall RankingsEdit

  1. Liberty 577
  2. Oklahoma 528
  3. U.S. Military Academy 527
  4. Binghamton 515
  5. Wake Forest 478
  6. Whitman 462
  7. Wayne State 452
  8. Boston 448
  9. Kansas 447
  10. Emory 435

2006 Top 10 Overall RankingsEdit

  1. Liberty University 566
  2. Kansas (Univ. of) 533
  3. Dartmouth 504
  4. Harvard 495
  5. Wayne State U. 494
  6. Missouri-Kansas City 493
  7. Emory 488
  8. Rochester 486
  9. Whitman College 483
  10. Binghamton 477

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