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Don't be too mean,
Brett Favre
is a registered Pussy.

"Talk to the hands, Ted."

Brett Favre (a.k.a. Screaming Lord Byron) was/is/was/is/was a professional American football player in the quarterback position. He is reknown throughout the league for his cellphone play.


Mr Favre (pronounced FAWv) played for the Packers of Green Bay, Wisconsin before announcing his retirement in 2008. He returned to the league for the Communist-infested New York Jets in an attempt to escape from the evil bear authorities in Chicago. He played for 20 years and won the championship several times.

2009-2010 NFL SeasonEdit

DramaticQuestionMark Did you know...

John Madden masturbates to sideline images of Brett Favre.

On May 6, 2009, it was reported that he was possibly coming out of retirement again to possibly play for the Minnesota Vikings, as a way to retaliate against the audacity of Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers organization for daring not to do his bidding. It was also reported that he came to this decision after taking retirement advice from Cher.

Bret Fun Facts!Edit

  • text "PENIS" to 1-800-555-BFVR and he'll send you pics of his peener!

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