Frenchy Mooslim Socialist Leader Invades Pixelated World

Video Game World demands an explanation


ph33r the butt kicking!


King Bowser “Tea-bagging” Obama

The Mushroom Kingdom. May 31, 2009 - Word that Obama has invaded the Video Game World has sparked a scandal within the Nation. Many “Video Gamers” were outraged and furious with the idea that there is now some mooslim dude messing up their games.

“This is outrageous and uncool, dude!” declared a slacker video gamer, “ this is going to hurt the video game ratings in the future…”

But video game ratings are not the only hurting there is,

“Mama Mia! Don’t ya see? The muuslim communist will charge taxes in me games!” declared a blue overall wearing plumber, “everytime I smashe the turtle, I get the coin, right. But now I gotta give the coin to the muuslim dark one? Eh, why?” then he started to swear and yell in obscenities in a foreign tongue after we told him he wont get extra lives now that Obama introduce Social Healthcare Reforms on 1-UPs, HPs, and MPs…

The denizens of the Video Game World are not happy with the new changes. Video Game villains are also upset…. King Bowser and King of the Koopas was not happy with the idea that from now on his minions would be able to join “labor unions” and demand equal and fair wages and paid vacation, oh and King Koopa wont be able to use them as “cannon fodder” anymore…

“What’s the point of having minions if I cannot send them to their impending doom? For every death I get, I save a lot of money in unpaid wages!” declared King Koopa, terror of the Mushroom Kingdom and CEO of “Koopa R Us” a provider of minions, lackeys, and slaves interns, “I am ruined!”

Video Gaming is for Social Liburals!

Emergency News: Socialist Gay Bears Launch Sneak Attack on Real America!!! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!


Paraoh Obama continues to enslave Real Americans on his socialist welfare program to build larger pyramids…



In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Nine at the 200 hours of the Thirtieth Saturday of the month of May, the Dark Forces of Evil and Teh Gheys overwhelmed the Forces of Good and we were forced to retreat back to our "Fortress of Justice" to regroup... the alternative would have lead us to yield to the overwhelming Gay Forces that almost surrounded us. The GOP grew frustrated to our loses and resisted the idea of retreating like women cowards but at the end they headed the wise counsel for a “Tactical Retreat” for it was demonstrate that the alternative could have been devastating to our cause and the result would had lead to the total conversion of the rest of Real Americans into The Gays if unwise counsel was continued.

Our Ally joos have abandoned us… I knew we could not trust the Heebruus to help us on our hour of need. We suspect that Obama’s Shadow brought fear into their cold joowish heart and realizing how fearsome he was as well as his Dark Shadow, they fled like cowards…

The loss of this battle is suspicious and many within our leadership point to the possible fact of treachery... traitors among our kin…! If the accusation is correct, it is advised by The Glorious Master and Overlord of The Republican Party that harsh methods may be necessary to protect Real America and to separate the traitors from The Real Loyalist of Real America… an example is needed to be made… Preventive measures have already been taken to stop the spread of dissension and The Gays… But I fear it could be too late, for the liberal corruption may already have reached to the highest powers within our Party… I fear it is too late for us…

News that Real America lost The Independent Republic of Texas to the Hippie Bear-loving Liberals is demoralizing and damaging our cause… morale is low among the Brave and Non-gay Troops… "The Whore of Babylon and Queen of Racists" (Aka Maria Sotomayor The Leud) unleashed a terrible “magic” that turned many of our brave Real Americans into gay socialist… but Obama’s Dark Powers are greater and more fearsome, for he was able to turn all of Real America’s business schools into socialist institutions… it is a fearsome power… as it is feared, free commerce and monetary financing in Real America has been damaged for good, I fear our children and their children children will suffer under the yoke of socialism… it is a fearsome shadow…

While Real America suffers and goes hungry everyday, the Dark Lord Obamanikkkus' hubris grows larger and disingenuous... He is oblivious to our suffering and cries for mercy… Dark Lord Obama parades within the halls of his ostentatious palace in fine silk clothes, dinning fine socialist gourmets prepared by his french gay atheist chef and drinking commie french wine, and dancing the late night with the "Radical Ice Queen of Liberalism". His cruelty knows no bounds…

But there is a glimmer of hope… The GOP was able to launch a destructive attack toward the librarians the Intellectual Terrorist Braniacs and destroyed their cache of books WMDs… they wont be able to hurt our children with their toxic waste known as “Kn0w-l3dg3” anymore… we finally found the answer as to what were they hiding all along… WMDs… all along they were hiding an insidious toxin within their unholy liberal books… but I recommended to our Brave and Wise Leadership that the purging is not going far enough… many of our children has befallen under the sickness of the destructive virus “Kn0w-l3dg3”, and we must take the next step… ban writing ban liberal writing and reading all together! The purging must not stop, it is for the sake and for the future of our children…

Mooslim Leader Continues to Battle Against Real Americans!

GOP continues war for the soul of Real America

The Republikkkan KKKommunist States of SocialisKKK Amerikkka. May 29, 2009 - News that Obama has chosen a well known foreign racist to be America’s Judge has sparked a Racial War within Real America has sparked outraged from Real Americans who don’t want to be represented by a Racist!

“Obama’s choice bring shame to America, how dare him nominate a foreign woman racist to represent America’s Law and Order!” declared a Real American, “doesn’t he realize that she wont be able to judge from the bench if she is in her menstruation? Heaven forbid if she is in her period!” “she is a bad choice”.

According with sources, the GOP wont stand with Obama’s decision and they are appealing for real America for help to impeach and deport these racist out of the country for good,

“We ask all Real Americans to fill the airwaves with calls for Obama’s impeachment and the deportation of this foreigner racist! The liberal media is shamefully silent about it, but we wont stand silent! We will continue to fill the air with our hate speech demands, we will blog the Internet with our disgust, and broadcast in all radios our message of hate discontent until we are heard!” declared a Republican senator while wearing a white hood.

The liberals think that the GOP doesn’t have the balls for it… well they are wrong, we do have balls! Thanks to “The Blessed Balls of Ronald Regan”, we are not afraid of anything! You think we are bluffing liberals?… try us…

The Hate Speech against the illegal alien wyman The Republican message was well received among Real Americans and we cannot wait for Obama’s and Maria’s deportation out of the country… America has spoken!

On a different note, I would like to inform the joos the children of Israel to stop asking Obama for help, he doesn’t care about Israel, he is a mooslim! I know it can be confusing to think that all American Presidents prostrate to joowish voters will automatically help our joowish allies during their time of crisis... but let's face the facts Israel, Obama is not our President… Sarah Palin is will be as soon as we solve our “mooslim problem”! And she knows all about National Security and stuff! Like KEEPING SECRETS TO MAKE SURE OUR BELOVED STEPHEN WONT BE HURT IN HIS SECRET MISSION TO IRAQ THE PERSIAN GULF NEXT MONTH SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE, AFTER ALL THAT INFORMATION IS CLASSIFIED, SO HE CAN BATTLE THE TYRANNICAL MOOSLIMS IN THERE… After all Obama and the liberals are not good in keeping secrets… trust me… plus it would be a SHAME IF SOMEONE RUINED THE SURPRISE…


Some dumb f#ktard decided to spoil the surprise… we suspect that foreign-joowish Geraldo…

Emergency News: Marriage will now be spelled “Marraige”!

Marraige add

If your dictionary spells ‘marraige’ as ‘marriage’, that dictionary is teh ghey and libural!

NOM declares all Real “Marraiges” to be better than old plain 'Marriage'

The Heterosexual Real States of Real America! May 28, 2009 - The organization of Real Americans that are fighting the evil forces of The Gays, also known as NOM, has attained a clever idea to confuse and refuse the enemy any form of victory. From now on marriage will be spelled “marraige”, that way we can keep the sanctity of ‘marraige’. Meanwhile The Gays can keep “marriage” for themselves if they want, but they wont realize that from now on “marriage” is inferior to ‘marraige’… shhh… don’t tell The Gays, otherwise they will demand “Gay Marraige” too… so let the HOMOS keep their Gay “Marriage” while we keep our Real “Marraige” for ourselves, by the time the fools realize the switcheroo it will be too late…

But why stop there? We should also start misspelling and mispronouncing “foreigners” and “undesirables” names too. I am sick and tired of learning “these foreign names”… why cant foreigners cant have American names? IF you are in America you must learn American! That’s the law!! Besides foreign names is so unnatural… and foreign… how do we know these foreigners aren’t also terrorist too? IF they had American names we would know where their loyalties lie, it would make our lives more easy!

Obama assassination ad

I don’t know who these guys are, but I bet they were gay communist liberals too!

Also, I have learned that was recently forced to pull out an ad that was considered offensive misleading. Let me be clear, does not support the idea of assassinating the president that Garfield was our president… he was a cat! Cats cant be president! Don’t worry will be fixing the ad soon… also, if anyone is interested in “solving the mooslim problem” let us know, that way we can prepare the Real President Sarah Palin to take the Oval Office once the “problem” has been solved…

Sanchez? Isn’t that a foreign terrorist sounding name? Why isn’t this man in Gitmo???

Raep “Enhanced Sexual Persuasion” Kept America Safe!!!


On this picture you can see an American soldier using “Enhanced Sexual Persuasion” on a child terrorist midget.

GOP: It was consensual! They were asking for it!

The Patriotic States of America F#@k Yeah! May 28, 2009 - Once again The Greatest Administration Ever kept America safe, not like that moolim lazy bastard who is increasing the possibility of another terrorist attack.

According with sources our brave men and women in uniform used a secret method to keep America safe and forced the terrorist trash to reveal their secret terrorist secrets. The new method has been classified as “Raep and Sodomize Them Until They Talk Technique” “Enhanced Sexual Persuasion”; according with the GOP it works!! America hasn’t been attacked so it really does work!


A female prisoner terrorist being “Enhanced Sexually Persuaded” by this brave American Hero!

Now the bear-loving liberals will try to intimidate Real America by condemning these measures as “torture”… well, I am sorry to say but has uncovered new evidences that there is nothing morally or ethically wrong with “torture”… if America has practiced “torture”… which we didn’t… BUT IF we did “torture” anyone... there was nothing wrong with it… you see according with the Bible and GOD, torture is OK! Even Jesus approves it!! JESUS SAYS IS OK TO TORTURE!!!… Do you want to go against the Bible??… not unless you are a bear-loving atheist liberal!

Torture is not a sin and anyone who says we shouldn’t “torture” is a traitor!!

Now as for the new “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” called “Enhanced Sexual Persuasion” has decided to ask the GOP to disclose more information about the procedure so we can well inform Real Americans to demonstrate that there is nothing ethically or morally wrong with it… we were even told there are pictures of it!!

…but for some reason the GOP has refused to talk about it… they even denied they used “Enhanced Sexual Persuasion” on anyone... which is strange since we have documentation indicating that Dick Cheney not only demanded “Enhanced Sexual Persuasion” to be practiced daily on the prisoners... but Dick Cheney also wanted copies of the photos and videos for his private collection… which we haven’t seeing yet, but we cannot wait to see…

Hey! I think I found one of the videos giving a demonstration on “Enhanced Sexual Persuasion”! We are going to watch it and see… OH MY GOD, WHAT IS HE DOING????… IS HE PUTTING HIS THING ON HER MOUTH… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU???? OH GOD I THINK I AM SICK!!!! IS THAT EVEN LEGAL??? DEAR GOD THIS IS SICK!!!!!

Cute neko girl

Look at the cute neko girl!

Mooslim Tyrant Continues to Threat America with Racist Judicial Nominee

Obama black racists

See!! Black People Secret Mooslims are Racists too!!!

GOP doest not want America’s judge to be a racist foreigner

The United KKK States of Amerikkka! May 27, 2009 - What has happened to America? It was bad that we elected a black man secret Racist Satanist mooslim as our president, with his dreams of spreading his socialist and communist doctrine to America… worst, he wants to make sure that his socialist policies will erase any traces of what once made America great, like the free market and family values! Ever since Obama became our Tyrant he has been more of a divider than an U-niter!

But the mooslim leader was not content with destroying America’s economy, endangering America’s security and exterminating the American people… now he is aiming on destroying America’s judicial system by appointing a foreigner as America’s judge!!! Worst, the new judge is a racist!!!

“Maria” Sotomayor is a well known racist who got her position as a judge thanks to liberal racist policies like Affirmative Action!” declared The Glorious Chairman of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, “I don’t trust this darkie foreigner! How dare her to think she knows better than I when it comes to judging people!

According with the GOP, Sotomayor’s background as a “minority” and her “troubling ties” to “undesirables” in her family makes her a dangerous risk for the judicial nomination…

“How do we know she will be partial and make sure that the white guy innocent will always win the case?” declared a man in a white hood, “I doubt she will be impartial and fair to white people Real Americans…”

The GOP wont stand for this racist judge, and they will make sure she is blocked for good. Take that Obama!! Racism is over in America, we don’t need you to bring it up again!

Meanwhile the CIA is ready to apprehend Nancy She-Satan Pelosi for lying under oath or something… about time, we cannot allow the “unbelievers” to dictate socialist policies that favors the “undesirables”…


and we actually have the evidence to prove it!!!!!!

The Satanic States of Hail Satan America, Hell!!! - YOU WANTED PROOF? HERE IS YOUR PROOF!!! TAKE THAT LIBURALS!!!!

Obama: “Thank You Satan!”

as you can hear, Obama is personally thanking Satan for making him the new President of America. He is a devil worshiper and sold his sold to the devil and he is also the Anti-Christ!!! Why isn’t the libural media reporting this?? Better yet, this is an exclusive for!!! We broke the news!!!! We rooolz!!!!

Victory Against the Socialist Gay Army!!!

Radical mooslim leader is secret racist!!!!

GOP emboldened, demands capital punishment against The Gays

The Patriotic States of Real America, USA!!! May 26, 2009 - There was dancing and cheering on the streets as news arrived that the Gay Army was defeated in the shores of Gaylifornia. It was thanks to the reinforcement of terminators and the leadership of the Guvernator that victory was possible, without their support all Real Americans could have turn Gay… The defeat has been hailed as a major victory for Real Americans and a terrible set back for the gays. There is news that the gays have retreated back to their Gay Fortress in San Francisco…

“This is a wonderful day for America and democracy, Real America has spoken and we have succeeded in contain the Dark Forces known as The Gays,” declared a Real American who had swore he wont stop until all the gays are dead turned straight. “But this just wont do… it just doesn’t go far enough. We have stopped The Gays on getting married, but Heterosexual Marriage is still under threat. There are still gay people out there who are still married!!… How dare them to get gay married when they knew full well that we will one day pass laws in the future that would prohibit such immoral acts!! We must enforce our laws and retroactively prosecute them to the full extent of the law! They deserve the electric chair, I say! We must punish these gaystapos to set an example!! Their marriage is a sham and their marriage licenses are counterfeits!”

However, bear-loving liberals have decried the demand to retroactively null their gay marriage licenses and prosecute all married gay couples, “Ex post facto laws are unconstitutional!! What you are doing is wrong! Don’t you realize the judicial and political consequences if you pursue this legal path??” declared some gay man…

News of the victory in Gaylifornia has emboldened the GOP to reclaim back Washington, DC from The Gays. The Capital was lost during the Presidential Election of 2008 the communist-mooslim coup d'etat of 2008. Ever since then, Real America has been living under the tyrannical rule of the socialist communist french mooslim leader and the possible threat of a terrorist attack… but now there is a glimmer of hope that the forces of Good will defeat the evil forces of the Obama Administration!


Un-American News: Communist Nation Facing Unemployment Crisis

The Netherlands are so desperate for new prisoners… that they are willing to go with the “Norway Style”

Prison Industry demands crime bailout or suffer from layoffs

The Communist Socialist States of The Netherlands. May 25, 2009 - The commie secular Free Love-loving stoned hippie government of the Netherlands are now suffering from the consequences of their liberal and socialist policies that have plagued their Nation for years. The liberal communist government is pleading for help to their neighboring nations as it is being confronted with the lowest crime rate in its history. News that many of the Netherlands’ prisons and cells are empty is forcing the government to either find new criminals or shut them down for good, forcing thousands of prison staff and employees to find new jobs.

“The prison industry is at the verge of bankruptcy, it has been decades since the last time we arrested someone. If this continues we will have no choice but to start imprisoning… Belgians… urgh... do we really want these “undesirables” in our prisons?… you tell me where to get more criminals” declared the communist leader, “Oh, we were fools! Because of our welfare system, fully funded education, secularism, and our social liberals policies... we have created a liberal paradise with almost no criminals!!! We legalized marijuana, prostitution, gay marriage and euthanasia! Who is left to arrest if we are freely giving away a license to sin to everyone??”

The Prison Industry is not the only industry hurting, other industries and government agencies that rely heavily on criminals are also suffering. Electronic security and monitoring agencies are downsizing as burglar alarm sales have been all time low, police officers are forced to take additional and longer paid vacation time, and locksmiths are being laid off as more people aren't locking their houses...

According with experts, the global financial meltdown has caused an increase in criminal activities through out the worlds, leading to an increase in crime rates and arrests. When news that the Netherlands could suffer the same impact was announced to their government, the news was received with cheers by the Prison Industry. Many prison wardens prepared and cleaned their cells for the arrival of newcomers… but the criminals never came.

“We forgot we have a fully funded welfare system, so people don’t need to steal to survive another day… we are dumb” declared the chief of police.

The Netherlands is witnessing a decline in rapist, serial killers, murderers, white collar criminals, drug dealers and other criminals through out the nation.

With the prospect of thousands of prisons being shut down in the coming months, prison wardens and politicians have decided that they need to find incentives to motivate people to turn to a life of crime.

“First we tried promising Free Healthcare to prisoners and law breakers as an incentive to see the crime rate increase, but I forgot we are a communist nation and we are already giving away free healthcare… then someone told me… Well, we could try to emulate the Americans and outlaw everything, cut down in spending and social welfare programs… this could lead to a 500% crime rate and arrest increase in just this month alone. It seems to work for America!” declared the communist leader of the Netherlands.

Some politicians are wondering if they could criminalize gay marriage and racially profile foreigners as a way to increase their arresting rate. The Netherlands government is asking America for help and to teach them how to do it, but so far the Netherlands authority has failed to learn anything… they have been too liberals for too long…


Many of the cells will have a front view of the beach

However prison wardens have their own ideas,

“look prisons are all the same, but my idea is to make my prison different from the others. We have a hotel consultant to turn our prisons as comfortable as a vacation resort… I mean if you are going to be jailed for years, you may as well enjoy it, right?” declared a prison warden.

The idea is that rather than for the government to look for new ways to make sure their citizens would break the law, they have decided instead to create incentives for them to break them intentionally. The government has already started a test pilot in one of their prisons and so far the idea has mixed reviews.

“I love it! My cell has a king size bed, I have my own servant, the guards are polite, I get to eat gourmet meals three times a day, and I have one of the greatest recreational rooms in the world! It has a swimming pool, a movie theater, and very fancy shops!” declared a prisoner, the hardcore criminal was arrested for traffic violation.

The Netherlands government is hoping to see their crime rate to increase and fill their prisons with law breakers like shoplifters, traffic violators, and other petty criminals who would like to have a free stay in these new hotels prisons.

PR le gourmet

The prison’s dinner hall where many will be force fed French cuisine… how barbaric…

But not everyone likes the new prison changes,

“My sheets smell like grass and flowers… it was awful… my personal chef was suppose to be a French gourmand, instead he is German… I was promised a blue-ray player in my cell and instead I have a DVD player, and I have a Wii for entertainment instead of a X Box 360… I am a man, not an animal… I find these accommodations… lacking…” declared a prison critic… “I am sorry, but I will only give this prison 3 stars… I was tempted to give them 4 stars but then I remembered that they didn’t serve caviar for breakfast this morning… the prison staff are animals and savages…”

When news reached to the Netherlands that the Obama Administration is having a difficult time finding accomodations for the Guantanamo detainees, the Netherlands government approached the mooslim administration to volunteer their prisons. The Netherlands are right now testing their new prison policy to see if it meets the requirement standards to detain terrorists.

“You godless westerners with your liberal policies makes me sick!” declared Mohammed Ajmudjihad, a mooslim terrorist that was captured last year in an attempt to launch terrorist attacks against the Netherlands government, “I know what you are trying to do… you are tempting me with comfortable beds, rich delicious foods, free drugs and weakly visits from these “whores” to keep me happy… well, is not working!! This is inhumane and affront to my religion!! I will never reveal any future terrorist attacks… like █████▋██ ███████ ███ ██▋or ███▊▊███ ██ ██ ▊███████ nor will reveal the names of other accomplices like ███ ███ ██ █ ███ ████ ▉▉██ ███▊▊███ ██ ██ ▊███████ and █████… now leave me alone, I was told they will be serving pork for dinner… I will eat it, not because I like it, but because I need a new excuse to complain tomorrow… you infidel pigs”


The Netherlands’ prison facilities are shutting down because they are not housing enough criminals... look how empty it is!

Communists Infiltrate Local Denver Industry


The infamous 2008 Call to Jihad.

Dozens of Mooslims start cab driver madrassa

IS-THERE-NO-PLACE-SAFE-FROM-LIBERALS-IN-AMERICA-ANYMORE, A ONCE GREAT NATION-- Within a year of a call to jihad from The Secret Muslim, Mooslims throughout the greater Denver metropolitan area have organized a union to dismantle the free market.

"I don't know why they would do this," an unnamed spokesman for the Denver Transportation Authority told, "everything was better for cab drivers before all this 'union' talk. Studies showed they made more money[2] and there was enough work to keep the drivers working plenty of hours. I blame Barry Soetoro for radicalizing our ethnics. We were doing fine before he came along and got them all empowered."


The three cab companies that have served Denver for years without complaint[1] warn residents to look out for suspicious activities of the new company.

Police report that at least 200 so-called "veteran" Denver cab drivers joined together to form a socialist commune to subvert the invisible hand of the market.

Investigators believe the leaders of the commune tricked the drivers into joining with threats of deportation and forcing them to ingest illicit substances. Some people believe the commune may be connected to an international sex slave ring. A hotline set up by the city indicate the public fears some of the drivers may also be gay.

Citizens have been advised to alert authorities if they see one of these Union Taxis in their area. "We don't want people to take matters into their own hands," a police spokesman informed on the condition his name not be used, "It's bad enough the drivers are gay. This is obviously the first step toward socialism. It starts with a union and next thing you know, every American has health coverage . We can't allow this to happen. Not in my America!"


French Government Facilitates Mass Escape of Prisoners

The French Government has decided to let 196 inmates bicycle a total of 1,400 miles around France in what they're calling the Penal Tour de France. They are to be accompanied by 124 guards and "sports instructors" and nobody will "win" the race. One convict, asked to comment, said "It's a kind of escape for us." Prison authorities added that during the tour, which stops in 17 towns (each with its own prison) the inmates will be sleeping in hotels.

What could possibly go wrong?

Ismalofacist Government Curtails Capitalism

GOP sends reinforcements to fight bears

The Republic of Real America. May 24, 2009 - News that the mooslim leader is shacking America’s critical financial institutions for free money is causing fear in Wall Street, America’s Financial Holyland. It is suspected that Obama’s racketeering activities are an attempt to destroy America’s economy so he can finance his socialist policies... while it is sad that the GOP was unable to stop Obama’s socialist policy there is still a glimmer of hope. The stupid liberals didn’t realize that their socialist legislation had a secret clause that says all Real Americans are allowed to carry concealed weapons into National Parks!… Now some of you wonder how will that help Real Americans to fight the commie government…

For centuries it has been prohibited for Real Americans to carry guns into National Parks, worst because of this liberal law these National Parks became “liberal sanctuaries” that had been harboring and aiding bears hiding from the law. You see, bears soon started to form terrorist training camps within America’s National Parks and because they had immunity and protection from the liberals, there was no way we could touch them… but not anymore!! Now we can start to hunt down the mother f@#king bears and endangered species without fear!! Take that hippies!!!

But sadly the mooslim’s socialist policies could destroy the Free market before we can exterminate the Gay Bear Army. Obama is already destroying many businesses and they are shutting them down for good, all because they make too much money! Only a communist would think making too much money is a crime… worst, we have information indicating that Obama is already looting all Real Americans' bank’s accounts so he can redistribute the wealth among his gay pals and Welfare Queens that voted for him!

But there is hope! According with sources the GOP is forming a new plan to retake America and this time it will work!! it cannot fail!

When news that the FBI captured a dangerous terrorist organization attempting to destroy America, we were shocked to learn that it was thanks to the Bush’s policies that we were able to uncover this dangerous threat… no thanks to the mooslim leader. You see, the FBI and Dick Cheney knew that Obama is and always will be too soft on terrorists, so they decided to find three dimwits and one retard dissenters within America so they could uncover a dangerous growing trend of homegrown terrorism within America. You see Obama’s policies are encouraging “undesirables” to become terrorists!! In no way the FBI exaggerated or fabricated the whole event so it could make them look good and cool in the eyes of the American public so they could gain extra points with the government… that’s just a liberal lie!! Nor there is truth that the FBI enjoys fearmongering the American people for political gain… that’s just stupid… and anyone who suggests that is a terrorist!!

Now that we have demonstrated that the Obama administration is incapable of protecting America against these bear-loving terrorists it is time to Impeach Obama and the she-satan Nancy Pelosi for good! You hear me liberals, your time is over!!! We are not afraid of you anymore and no one can stop us now!! I suggest that we use “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” like waterboarding on Obama and Pelosi so we can learn what are the treacherous bears planning and we don’t need to worry about the “Geneva Convention” and all that liberal nonsense… everyone knows that waterboarding is NOT torture.

Mooslim Tyrant nominates JC for Supreme Court Justice

JC for Supreme Court Justice could hurt America

GOP Objects: JC is a very questionable character

The Patriotic States of Real America. May 21, 2009 - The mooslim leader did it again, Obama went ahead and nominated a very questionable characters for the Supreme Court without consulting with Real America first. The GOP has brought many reasonable concerns against this JC character and Obama's pick doesn't look good. JC's background is very shaky and disturbing that he does not reflect nor represents the core values of Real America.

Questionable Youth and Family Values:

Reliable sources tell us that JC’s origins could be a problem with the GOP. First we have clear evidence that JC is NOT American, he is a foreigner! He was born in the Middle-east and he may have possible ties to radical terrorist groups in there. The GOP is demanding a full investigation on JC’s background as well as the kind of people that he has consorted with in the past. According with Intelligence records it doesn’t look well.

First the GOP believes that JC has a terrible record when it comes to “Family Values” that will reflect poorly for Real Americans.

“His claim that his mom was a virgin when she gave birth to him is suspicious. We think this is an excuse to justify her mother's out of wedlock behavior… all we know is that she had sex with another man that was not her husband… and isn’t the absence of his real Father suspicious? And where is his birth certificate? This JC character insists that he was born in a manger, so there are no hospital records… suspicious I say” replied a CIA agent.

JC poor family background could also explain his enjoyment with consorting prostitutes and sinners. But it could also explain his “bootlegging past” and his outlaw criminal record,

“We have evidence that JC will turn water into wine and sell it to his neighbors… he didn’t even have a license to produce and sell alcohol… let alone he never pay taxes for it! We know, because we have his criminal records!” declared a police officer.

Community Organizer and Socialist Communist Leader:

After JC ran away from home he started to mingle with really weird religious sects, soon he became a community organizer and started to brainwash the public with his radical ideas like helping the poor “welfare” and redistribution of wealth to the masses. Clear signs that JC is against the core values of capitalism and the principles of the Free market and self-reliance.

“Not a very good sign and there is the possible dangers of JC sympathizing with the “poor” in cases against Big Business and Corporations. Without a doubt JC will have a big bias against corporations and business. JC may also show support and side with radical socialist policy reforms from the Obama administration,” declared a republican senator.

But his questionable background doesn’t stop there. Back during his youth, JC was known to consort with prostitutes, “the unclean” and minorities that has influence in his views. JC has a record of favoring "Affirmative Action" policies that are known for being unfair and bias against Real America.

JC eccentric behavior doesnt stop there, he was known for wearing long robes and sandals and letting his hair to grow long and unkempt, making him a very wild hippie and unbecoming of a judge's image. JC then would go to the desert and hold conversations with a Mr. “Stan”… unfortunately the CIA has no records on JC and Mr. “Stan” conversations, but the CIA suspects that Mr. “Stan” was offering bribes to JC to rule on his favor… the CIA doesn’t know if JC ever took his bribe but we have no clear evidence that he didn’t either… this information doesn’t look well on JC's character... (also we dont know if Mr. "Stan" was ever real. A CIA agent confirms that he saw JC speaking with no one but with himself in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, bringing into question his mental faculties).

JC’s radical background and anti-free market ideals makes him unfit for the Judicial Bench,

“Look, JC one time used violence and threw the money changers out of the temples. IF that doesn’t scream “anti-small business” I don’t know what does… and using violence? I thought he preached "peace" and all that… talk about being a hypocrite” declared a banker, “Mr. JC wont be a friend of big business or the financial industry, mark my words… he will not be good for the economy”

Many members of the Healthcare Industry voiced their concerns on JC nomination,

“The man is known for practicing medicine without a license… at worst he never charged his patients any fees! This clearly shows that JC favors Obama’s Universal Free Healthcare, if that isn’t a bias I don’t know what it is… Is criminal I tell you, he is encouraging the practice of unlicensed medicine on the public! This could ruin the Healthcare insurance and endanger the American people with questionable medical practices…”

JC pacifist stand is also troubling for the GOP, especially for the military in times of war. The GOP suspects that JC’s pacifist ideals wont make him a good Judge in The War on Terror and he may side with “Foreign Powers” against the US and any abuse of "Human Rights" violations against detainees and terrorist suspects.

“I don’t trust his position on Capital Punishment or the use of “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” on terrorists, but JC is not a good choice for keeping America safe against terrorists. He will clearly release all criminals and terrorists suspects back into the wild and rule against the US when it comes to matters of National Security and our ability to gather intelligence… These Foreign Powers will demand to rule on their favor when it comes to “Human Rights” or the “Geneva Convention” which will undermine the safety of American citizens…” declared the CIA agent.

JC was also known for always quoting “…render unto Caesar” and was well known for his strong stand against organized religion like the pharisees. The GOP suspects that JC wont’t favor prayer in school, or "intelligence Design" to be taught in the classroom, nor will JC supports the GOP’s core values as a Christian Nation.

“JC once said: “But whenever you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father who is hidden. And your Father who sees from the hidden place will reward you.”… clearly JC doesn’t understand the cores values of religion… I bet the ACLU will like to have this guy around when they need someone to rule on their favor” declared an evangelical preacher.

Suspicious Ties to The Gay Community:

But one of the most damming evidence that could derail any hopes of JC getting into the Supreme Court is rumors that not only JC favors The Gays, but he himself could be Gay.

“Come on, an unmarried 35 year old man wandering around the desert with 12 other guys with no women in sight… that screams Gay if you ask me,” declared a Real American, “even if he himself isn’t Gay, we suspect he will favor’s Obama’s position on allowing Gays in the military… or gay marriage... I mean we know Judas kissed him on his lips... JC has gay friends!"

IF the idea of a Pacifist Radical Foreigner that enjoys body piercing and was at one time the leader of a religious sect/cult doesn’t scare Real America to stop JC from becoming a Supreme Court Justice... then there is also a very damning evidence that could stop his nomination once and for all… we suspect that JC is joowish!! He is not a Real Christian!!


JC and his twelve disciples…

Shocking News: The Liberals Will Kill Us All!!!

Anti-slavery hurts small business The hippies are coming!!!

The Patriotic States of America. May 21, 2009 It is just as we suspected all along!! The hippie bear-loving liberals don’t care about Real America, it is a plot to murder us all!!

News that the “Democrat Socialist Party” is launching a policy of extermination rocked the Nation.

“We just learned that Obama is trying to alter the Constitution so he can legally gay marry us all and if we refuse he will kill us!” declared a Real American, “the Constitution is a sacred text, how dare him to question it, let alone alter it!!”

The People of agrees with these extreme views, Obama not only dares to alter this sacred text of American power and tradition but he actually questions its perfection!!

We are not the only ones who are starting to question the reign of the mooslim tyrant, our joowish friends thinks he is crazy and mad with powah!

But the liberals will never stop, they wont stop as long as they can continue to poison the mind of our children with their “liberal gay science” and brainwash them with their Gay Agenda to turn our children gay and force them to gay marry each other… sick… worst, they are undermining our schools by telling us how and what to teach our children! How dare them! This is nothing but a blatant attempt to push their gay liberal views on us!!

When will the liberals stop pushing their socialist policy on us? Never, not until all of us are commie lover hippies… or worst, he will attempt to legalize all drugs and force us to become junkies, making it easy for him to control us!

I think is time we get tough with the liberals, we have allowed them to run wild for far too long. It is time to use “extreme” methods to get rid of these “undesirables” before it is too late for us.

Fear not, we have sources telling us that the [GOP will unveil a new awesome plan that will stop the liberal disease and topple the mooslim tyrant once and for all! What could go wrong?

The GOP has the support and trust of Real America, something the mooslim tyrant doesn’t have.

Real America Tech: Making Real America Work For You!!

New Technology could kill eliminate solve “undesirables” problem!

The Real America. May 19, 2009 - When learned that not even the Germans were willing to patent a Saudi “Killer Chip” implant that would track and eliminate undesirables, we knew that the Germans have gone soft and liberal… but we also realized that the new Technology is not patented and this is a great opportunity for entrepreneurial Americans to seize this new technology to solve our own “undesirable” crisis!! What are we waiting for??!

Liberal Alert: The Gayz Haz New Leader!!

GOP demands action

Teh Gheyly News: May 19, 2009 - Commie Frenchy mooslim tyrant leader Obama has found a new secretary for his newly founded cabinet position of the “Secretary of The Department of The Gays and Deviant Policy”… and what do you know, the secretary is one of the first children successfully brainwashed by The Gay Doctrine! He just graduated yesterday and he pledged that he will be the gayest boy in America and teach other children how to Get The Gays!!!!

Clearly we cannot trust The Liberal Congress to do something about this, everyone knows that they have a habit of lying to the public!

According with the Republican Party, if the liberals continue their reckless governance, there is a danger that America will be easily invaded by The Gay Pirates. We have already witnessed the collapse of the Swedish government at the hand of The Gay Pirates… also the Swedish will be passing a new law making Pirate Butt-sex mandatory… is that the kind of America we want??

Is time for Real America to stop these Welfare Queen leeches from stealing our money!! It is time to bring back our Free markets! We must also stop the menace of The Gays, not only to keep our children safe but our financial economy safe as well! Everyone knows that The Gays are bad for business! Worst, the liberal administration continues to fund their liberal projects to force Real America to have rampant sex with strangers! This is Gay Science!!

Do not worry for the GOP will be back in power and in charge!! We will rebuild Real America back to what it was! You wont regret it!

CIA Keeps America Safe

Gay people are just confused, they don’t realize that boobs are better than penises…

Nancy she-satan Pelosi jailed for lying

The Real States of Real America. May 17 2009 - CIA has compelling new evidence that could destroy the Obama terrorist organization forever! Evidence demonstrates that there is a conspiracy to deceive the American people! And the CIA has evidence to demonstrate that and they will soon make that evidence available to the public! The Obama administration is lying to Real America, rise up I say!

America cannot afford to continue the path of communism and socialism we just cant! Only foolish hippie bear-loving liberals would embrace this sickening philosophy that wont allow you to make money! We already have confirmation that The Gay Flu has already affected too many Real Americans for our comfort. If this continues the GOP suspects there is a grim future for Real America. But don’t worry Real America is fighting back!

It is too late for the rest of the world, since they are not Real Americans they fell too quickly to the glamours of The Gay lifestyle, so we should just ignore them. But America cannot afford to become Gay America, as long as we have Real Heroes fighting The War on Gays we will never surrender! America cannot afford to allow The Gays to corrupt our children… children who are vulnerable to the dangers of liberalism! Why do they hate our children?

But don’t worry, our military leaders have a secret weapon on our side… we have GOD!


Is Official: Obama is Hitler and Joe Biden is Mussolini

Joos leave Real America for good


The Hitler-Obama Youth ready to take America for their beloved tyrant

The Nazi States of Nazimerica. May 14, 2009 - For a long time, the second most trusted source of truthiness, have been warning the American public that electing That One could be the end of America. Yet the liberal media was able to fool enough people into their liberal ideology and indoctrination. But their liberal lies have not diminished the mounting evidence that is growing everyday, it is not too late for us to stop this tyrant and impeach him for good!

The evidence is clear, has proof that Joe Biden is in bed with the Amtrak lobbyists and their totalitarian attempt at making trains run on time so they can destroy America’s Real mode of transportation!! It is a conspiracy to destroy America’s car industry and America’s airline industry and is working!! Think about it, the mooslim government has total control of the railway industry and they control America’s movement all around America!! Joe Biden took a page from Mussolini's book and he wont stop until All Real Americans are forced to use this insidious mode of transportation…

But with a broken economy there wouldn’t be a source of funding for the mooslim administration. One would think this would weaken the will of the Socialist Gay Liberal Army and disband… not so, we have evidence that Obama is funding his growing army by selling drugs to our children! The Shame!!! The liberals are polluting our children with poison and liberal lies! When will this stop?

But there is more! We also have further evidence that the recent crime in school shootings have increased because of the mooslim tyrant! This is a devious attempt on part of the mooslim leader to force our schools to be directly seized by The Mooslim Administration so they can be transformed into their new government guidelines to make our schools safer… but is not! It is a blatant attempt to transform our schools into training camps for The Gay Army!! We believe Obama is constructing his own Hitler Youth… The Obama Youth!! How can no one see this!!!?

It wasn’t good enough that Obama had to destroy America’s economy, but now he is going after our children! We must stop him before his indoctrination continues to warp the minds of Real Americans before is too late! We have clear evidence that it has already affected our senior citizens of our population!

America is not safe and only Real Americans can save us now…


Joe “Mussolini” the Totalitarian wants you to board the socialist train! Don’t do it!!

News from the Eastern Front: Socialist and Gays Continues Vicious Attacks on Real America

GOP will launch nucular weapons

The Patriotic States of Real America. May 14, 2009 - Commie Gay Forces continue to advance on Real America soil, tainting more pure souls into their liberal ideology. The GOP suspects that casualties among Real Americans will be too high yet it still has not broken the will of Real America and it is only a matter of time before The Enemy surrenders…

Meanwhile reports indicate that The Gay Flu is expected to continue to run rampant for a few more days before Real Americans can return to Real America. Authorities believe they were able to contain the plague but there is a fear that it may be too late for America… but some wonder if containment will be enough.

But unfortunately it cannot be said the same thing about the Socialist Flu; the plague has not only gone global, it is already out of control. Many governments have witnessed the end of Their Free Markets plummeting on the ground, sources indicates that commie socialists have already overrun the governments of the world and they are already starting to pass socialist policies to benefit the poor, welfare queens and, other commies in the workforce.

The GOP fears that with these socialist policies in place they will have no control on their workforce and America’s economy will be destroyed forever. But don’t be concerned, according with sources someone came up with a plan to stop the spread of the socialist ideology for good.

“We all know that socialism sprouts from liberal colleges. All we need to do is to destroy the source of liberal thinking. My plan will make liberal education so expensive that these college students will have no choice but to drop out and start working at fast food restaurants as cheap labor. It kills two birds with one stone!” declared a Real American


The HOMO™ will get you!!

Exclusive News!!! Terrorist Plot Averted!!!

No thanks to that mooslim leader

The Patriotic States of America. May 14, 2009 - would like to salute the Real Heroes of U.S. Airways and the Philadelphia police for their bravery! According with our patriotic sources the terrorist attempted to board an airplane in a terrible Terrorist Plot... so terrible and unimaginable that they told us they cannot reveal it to us for National Security reasons... It all started when airport security was suspicious of the terrorist's erratic behavior.

“He was wearing sunglasses in indoors all the time… now I don’t know about you but it is nighttime and you are wearing those big sunglasses covering your face… now I think that’s strange” replied airport security, “we also heard from some of the passengers that the Terrorist was carrying a white cane deadly weapon and he had a vicious dog with him... I knew at that time that we had enough evidence to suspect that he was a threat to all of us…”

Airport security tried to “secure” the terrorist and detain him on the ground but the Terrorist became unruly and uncooperative; airport security had no choice but to put down the terrorist's dog as it was believed to be a threat while it was still on its cage. Many of the passengers were scare and felt their lives were at risk so security had to “rough him up a bit” use non-lethal force on him. As soon as the Terrorist was apprehended the brave police officers of Philadelphia arrived at the scene and interrogated him.

“The Terrorist claimed that he was blind and the whole ordeal was a misunderstanding… Ha! Like I never heard that one before! Of course I administered a blind test to see if he was lying, the test includes me seeing if you are blind or not, I know blind people and he is not blind!” replied the police officer.

The bleeding and injured Terrorist was held in custody for three days and officers applied “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” to learn of any other terrorist attacks, they even invited a psychiatrist to help them with their more “Advance” “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”… but don’t worry is just a matter of time before he tell us more about his devious plans…


GOP will unveil damning documents after they have won the White House and Congress back in the near future

The USSA. May 11, 2009 - has exclusive information from a very credible source that Obama is not only trying to destroy America, but it will become its Eternal Ruler for all time!!! See Obama is a tyrant after all!!! And the foolish communist hippie bear-loving liberals thought they could contain him! Is his fault that Terrorists are winning The War on Terror!

“You see there is a large political benefit on making millions of voters jobless… but I cant tell you how would that work, “they” could be listening you know… All I can say is that with high rampant unemployment the Real American people will have no choice but to vote democrat if they want to get those jobs back… this is all part of his masterful plan!” declared crazy conspiracy theorists and GOP Taliban Rep. Pete Sessions, head of the House Republican committee tasked with electing more GOP members. “This is his diabolical plan to destroy Capitalism forever and make us all Communist, is true!!”

He is right, it all makes sense!!! Any Real American can see this is nothing but a diabolical plot to establish his Communist Empire!!! How foolish Obama thinks Real America is?

But there is still hope, news that the GOP will reclaim America back from the clutches of the communist french mooslim bear-loving Tyrant is demoralizing The Gay Bear Army.

Is time to go back to Real Family Values, to restore America’s educational system by purging it from its liberal teachings, and bring the Republican Party to All Americans sorry, girls are not allowed, go back to the kitchen!

Meanwhile The Joo is trying to have more control of the media… John Stewart stop stealing America’s channels!

Welfare Queens Raid America’s Treasury!


Barack Hitler Hussein Obama promises that the poor will have their glorious liberal paradise… over my our dead body!

Mayor Bloomberg demands orphans to pay rent

The Capitalist State of New York. May 11, 2009 - For far too long the “undesirables” masses of the poor and Welfare Queens have raided America’s wallet, always asking for more and more and never paying us back what they owe us! Instead the liberals continued to encourage this excessive shameless spending behavior; spending money that America didn’t have and mortgaging our children future!! And now thanks to their excessive spending America’s finances is in ruins!!

But fear not, according with’s sources America’s Mayor America’s Ultra Rich Mayor and Real American Hero, Michael Bloomberg, has decided that he had enough of the reckless spending of the Welfare Queens and their insatiable hunger for America’s money! Thanks to his influence from now on the Welfare Queens must pay rent on America’s homeless shelters! All he is asking is just 100% of their monthly income a small portion of their paychecks to pay off the high running expenses of running a very complex and complicated housing and homeless shelter system. Is not fair that the working poor and the working homeless get to enjoy the amenities of a homeless shelter without paying rent for it!

Besides, it was the hippie liberals who wanted the government to provide “homeless shelters” to the poor and homeless… who is going to pay for those? Not the liberals, they need that money to fund The Gay Agenda. And there is no more government money after we gave all of it to the Ultra Rich and America’s bankers the poor and the Welfare Queens. So all we are asking is for the poor and homeless to pay us back all of the free money we gave them over the decades. And if they cannot pay, well tough luck, maybe if they stop being poor and get a job and some bootstraps and a house (and a housing loan, those are cheap now!!) then maybe they wouldn’t be living on the streets. If you think about it, it is their fault that America’s economy is now living in the streets!

I think Bloomberg has a great idea… but I say it doesn’t go far enough! I think is time for the poor to also pay up interest rates as well. For far too long we have been lenient on the poor! I say we make them sign contracts to pay us back all what they owe us plus interests (a 5000% interest rate doesn’t sound bad) and if they fail to pay us back they are legally our slaves servants, that way we give them job and housing!! Think about it, we can provide jobs to the poor and homeless and the Ultra Richs Real Americans get a new source of slaves of free labor to stimulate America’s economy!

With this plan we will win the “hearts and minds” of the hippie bear-loving un-american liberals voters new generation of voters who will see the light of Republicanism! There is not way that it could fail, our plan is perfect and nothing can stop us now!


Silly socialists and their silly liberal ideas…

Hollywood Invades Gayshington

mooslim leader suicide "bomb" dinner party!

The Gayest Town in America. May 10, 2009 - Yeah… we are not going to cover the White House Correspondence Dinner… if it doesn’t have The Greatest Former President Ever or Stephen Colbert in it, is not worth it… plus if Dick Cheney ever found out he will shoot our faces…

Besides Real America has much more important things to do, like stopping liberal whores from spreading their gay disease or protecting Real America from liberals who are trying to stop Texas from reclaiming its independence… rumor has it that the liberals and gays are trying to sneak into Texas’ land to stop them from seceding gaining it's independence.

But don’t worry the Whigs GOP wont surrender ever!


Cheney’s new book: Buy it or else…

Secret Vulcan Tyrant Promises Peace with Klingons

Romulan Senate: The Federation wants to turn us all socialists!!


Obama’s new Oval Office… Nerd Alert!!


Live long and prosper Moth3r F#@kers!!

The United Federation of Socialist Future America. Stardate: 1312.09 - Ever since the Federation elected a Secret Vulcan as their President Tyrant things have not gone well in the Alpha Quadrant.

Because of the Federation's socialist ideals of “Free Press” “Slandering Press” Romulan Intelligence Secrets are at risk of being exposed, threatening the Alpha Quadrant’s security (but don’t worry the Real Romulan Senate is working a way to protect those secrets in the form of blackmail). The Federation Tyrant has already promised that he will choose a “Queergayhomolibural” as Federation Supreme Justice, an alien species known for “flaming” and being “fabulous” all the time, we suspect the Federation is trying to spread a socialist gay liberal agenda to the rest of the galaxy… But don’t worry the Ferengi Consortium has promised us that they will continue to financially back us to stop the spread of the Gay Agenda, even if it will hurt them economically

"Ever since the Vulcan Tyrant started to protect “undesirable” workers, Ferenginar has not been able to financially recover. We need the invisible hand of the Free Market to guide us for Galactic Wealth!" declared Ayn Rand, a member of the Ferengi Consortium.


The secret Vulcan-Klingon connection

Meanwhile the battle for the Planet “Minnesotafloridaquagmire Alpha II” is going well! Soon Real Romulans will have a Real Senator representing the Interests of Romulus. Thanks to our “Communication Officers for Patriotic Romulus” and their Patriotic subspace message we have won “the hearts and minds” of the Alpha Quadrant. But unfortunately the Vulcan’s socialist policies are starting to take effect, just yesterday the inhabitants of Remus and their miners unionized and demanded equal wages… so the Romulan Senate blew up their planet…

After diplomatic negotiations for peace failed, not fault of our own, the Real Romulan Senate gave a statement for a declaration of war!

“We only requested a simple demand… stop killing babies or The Romulan Baby Jesus will smite you! But we all know that those Bear-loving hippie liberal Federation Dogs needs to drink babies’ blood for nourishment or they will die…” declared Proconsul Alan Keyes

In response to the recent hostility demand for ‘Planetary Rights’, the Vulcan Tyrant has started to build a Robot Army to fight off the Real Romulan Army. even suspects that the Vulcan One had a secret alliance with the Borg to assimilate the rest of the Galaxy into their liberal thinking! But luckily the Borg still have problems pronouncing his name, so they cannot sign the pact! That happens when you have a funny sounding foreign name!

The Real Romulan Senate, in response to the Borg threat, has called for help to one of our new allies. The Guvernatur of planet “Kalyforniaholleewuud Omega IV” has pledge his allegiance to the Romulan Senate and the Real Romulan Star Empire. The Guvernatur will sent his Terminator Army to help us in the coming galactic battle, it will be awesome!… as soon as he is able to balance the budget and get some of that Stimulus money

Now I have some wonderful news that the Federation Liberal Media seems to have failed to broadcast in subspace very damaging news. According with sources, the Secret Vulcan Tyrant has failed to maintain his promise with the Ursa Polarus of the Nothpolus Empire, breaking this treaty with The Godless Killing Machines will leave the Secret Vulcan vulnerable from Real Romulan attack!!


Obama giving a “secret terrorist salute”

Also, I saw the new “Star Trek” movie and it was AWESOME!


While The Gays invade America, Obama decided to fiddle rap while Washington was burned by Hot Gay passion

GOP wishes him luck by saying “F@#k Off!”

The Real America. May 7, 2009 - News that Joe The Plumber is abandoning the GOP for good is sending shockwaves to the Republican Party Joe The Plumber just announced that he is founding a new party for America, the “Me Party” “Joe The Plumber Party” “New Real Patriotic American Party”!!!

“I am doing this for Individual Rights and for State Rights. For too long we let the tyrannical mooslim to rule our lives… well, no more!” replied Joe The Plumber.

Now there is no truth that the reason he is leaving the GOP is because it has become a very unpopular party, that’s a liberal lie!! Real America continues and will continue to support our Republican leaders for they are The Party of America!!

“The Republican Party is sadden to loose a good friend and fearless leader, but we were told that God told Joe to establish a new religion political party to help us fight The Gays that are undermining democracy and the coming Mooslim Gay Bear Army for they have already taken over Europe!!” replied a Republican Senator, “Besides we are also starting a new chapter for the Republican Party… a New start… a new beginning… and All White Christians Real Americans are welcome!!

Meanwhile there are news that the “Gay Flu” has spiraled out of control already, Washington D.C. is considered to be Ground Zero and has been isolated and quarantined by the CDC. The Flu has already affected the “undesirables” in America, large legions of black people are turning Gay and they are joining The Gay Mooslim Army to overthrow Real America. Which is why we must launch a new War on Iraq Iran! We suspect that The Gays and Bears have made Iran their base of operations.

“Look I am telling you, once we invade Liberate Iran we will be greeted as Liberators! They will throw flowers at us!!” declared Ken Pollack, a liberal Joowish Hawkish Democrat (making him a Real American by Proxy) and a key figure in to push for the Iraq war 2002-2003. At that time, Pollack failed to anticipate an insurgency and said that, downside, the war-plus-rebuilding Iraq might cost us as much as $30 billion over ten years. The surge is working in Iraq so there is no problem that it cannot work as well in Iran!!!

Nation! believes we will soon reclaim back Real America! Nothing can stop us now!!!!

Come to Somalia! A Libertarian Paradise

Is Government Free!! has been suffering from unforeseen financial troubles lately, but don’t worry! For financial survival we have decided to lend our space for advertisement, including wonderful videos of tropical beaches and other wonderful paradises for that perfect vacation. And we just received this video from Andy Cobb and the Public Service Administration! So remember, if you do go to Somalia, tell them send you that way we get some commission…

Come to Somalia! A libertarian paradise maintained by "rational self interest and libertarian magic dust."

Coming Soon: GOP Survival!

There can only be one!


Obama in Hell getting a burger… What? MacDonald’s too fancy for you?…

GOP: How many more secrets are there?

The Mormon States of America. May 5, 2009 - With the latest news that Obama is a secret Mormon, is wondering how many more secrets does the mooslim communist frenchy polygamist tyrant has…?

“Seriously, he has more secrets in the closet than a gay homophobe pedophilic foreign republican democrat in a secret KKK rally…” replied a Real America and special investigator, “we suspect that Obama is also a devil worshiper because we saw him in Ray’s Hell Burger… getting a meaty big one… ” funny, we never knew Satan’s other name was Ray… Ray Satan… well that makes sense…

Many suspect that Obama is trying to win the Mormon vote and the Satanic vote since the Tyrannical One is loosing the confidence of his minions. Soon we will be able to impeach him… if we don’t the mooslim tyrant will end up corrupting too many Real Americans before it is too late

But we also have some good news! Arlen Judas Benedict Arnold Specter got served!

Socialists Zombies Trying to Rob Stephen Colbert’s Wealth!!

Viacom demands more fresh brains

The Stalinistic States of America. May 5, 2009 - Socialism is such a dirty word, but nothing boils the blood more than knowing that socialists are leeching the life of our beloved Hero Stephen Colbert. was shock to learn that NASA is selling C.O.L.B.E.R.T. treadmill patches without the consent of Viacom or Stephen or! (hey, where is our share?) But it is worst to learn that there are foreign un-american socialists out there learning and watching The Gospel of Colbert without paying a cent for it! The shame!!!

Now I support the idea of spreading The Gospel of Truthiness to the ignorant communist foreign masses, after all Colbert has a far more reaching hand on the globe, and he is the perfect spokesman to import the American brand “the home of the brave and Patriotic Real Americans”! With Colbert we can teach these socialist un-american foreigners the wholesome Real American way of life like Capitalism, Family Values, Justice The Real American Way, Fox’s Fair and Balance Journalism, and the teaching of the Baby Jesus… But we must stop these leeches from stealing our Stephen Colbert if they are still unrepentant commies and unwilling to pay royalties as every good Capitalist should… never mind their countries don’t televise the program or refuse to have proper programming times and the only way to get their daily addictive dose of “Stephen” is to watch it on the series of tubes! (I hear New Zealand is suffering from withdrawal symptoms…)

If they want to watch our Colbert they must go to the proper channels!… Which is why they should move to America and become Real Americans (that way we can reduce the foreign population), after all Only Real Americans can appreciate Stephen Colbert.

Also, we support Viacom’s refusal to continually broadcast to the tea-sucking British until they get rid of their Bad King George and his Drag Queen (we know that’s a tranny, who the hell they think they are fooling?) and introduce Democracy to the British Isles. Is time for the British to learn democracy the American way…

If you want to help spread the Gospel of Colbert to the world you can contact:

FXUK and tell them no Colbert for the tea-sucking British until we are allowed to finally have taxation with representation in Parliament… is about time… (you can also try UK Comedy Central some third rate cable station…)

and don’t forget to leave your opinion at saveourcolbert… from the socialist foreigners!!!

"Hate Crime Bill" Endangers Real America!

A bear-loving liberal preaching the benefits of sexual deviancy!

The hate part is against Real Americans

The Sexual Liberals of Gaynistan. May 4, 2009 - The bear-loving liberals are at it again, this time they want to legalize sexual assault against non-homosexuals!! The rights of straight people to discriminate against The Gays is at risk! live their pure heterosexual lives are at risk!!!!

“The Hate Crime Bill” “The Rights of Sexual Deviants Bill” will legalize the following sexual acts to be performed into the public without any repercussion:

  • Apotemnophilia - sexual arousal associated with the stump(s) of an Amputee
  • Asphyxophilia - sexual gratification derived from activities that involve oxygen deprivation through hanging, strangulation, or other means
  • Autogynephilia - the sexual arousal of a man by his own perception of himself as a woman or dressed as a woman (p. 574)
  • Bisexual - the capacity to feel erotic attraction toward, or to engage in sexual interaction with, both males and females
  • Coprophilia - sexual arousal associated with feces (p. 576)
  • Exhibitionism - the act of exposing one’s genitals to an unwilling observer to obtain sexual gratification (p. 569)
  • Fetishism/Sexual Fetishism - obtaining sexual excitement primarily or exclusively from an inanimate object or a particular part of the body (p. 570)
  • Frotteurism - approaching an unknown woman from the rear and pressing or rubbing the penis against her buttocks (p. 570)
  • Heterosexuality - the universal norm of sexuality with those of the opposite sex
  • Homosexual/Gay/Lesbian - people who form sexual relationships primarily or exclusively with members of their own gender
  • Gender Identity Disorder - a strong and persistent cross-gender identification, which is the desire to be, or the insistence that one is, or the other sex, "along with" persistent discomfort about one’s assigned sex or a sense of the inappropriateness in the gender role of that sex (p. 576)
  • Gerontosexuality - distinct preference for sexual relationships primarily or exclusively with an elderly partner
  • Incest - sex with a sibling or parent
  • Kleptophilia - obtaining sexual excitement from stealing
  • Klismaphilia - erotic pleasure derived from enemas (p. 576)
  • Necrophilia - sexual arousal and/or activity with a corpse (p. 576)
  • Partialism - A fetish in which a person is sexually attracted to a specific body part exclusive of the person (p. 576)
  • Pedophilia - Sexual activity with a prepubescent child (generally age 13 years or younger). The individual with pedophilia must be age 16 years or older and at least 5 years older than the child. For individuals in late adolescence with pedophilia, no precise age difference is specified, and clinical judgment must be used; both the sexual maturity of the child and the age difference must be taken into account; the adult may be sexually attracted to opposite sex, same sex, or prefer either (p. 571)
  • Prostitution - the act or practice of offering sexual stimulation or intercourse for money
  • Sexual Masochism - obtaining sexual gratification by being subjected to pain or humiliation (p. 573)
  • Sexual Sadism - the intentional infliction of pain or humiliation on another person in order to achieve sexual excitement (p. 574)
  • Telephone Scatalogia - sexual arousal associated with making or receiving obscene phone calls (p. 576)
  • Toucherism - characterized by a strong desire to touch the breast or genitals of an unknown woman without her consent; often occurs in conjunction with other paraphilia
  • Transgenderism - an umbrella term referring to and/or covering transvestitism, drag queen/king, and transsexualism
  • Transsexual - a person whose gender identity is different from his or her anatomical gender
  • Transvestite - a person who is sexually stimulated or gratified by wearing the clothes of the other gender
  • Transvestic Fetishism - intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving cross-dressing (p. 575)
  • Urophilia - sexual arousal associated with urine (p. 576)
  • Voyeurism - obtaining sexual arousal by observing people without their consent when they are undressed or engaged in sexual activity (p. 575)
  • Zoophilia/Bestiality - engaging in sexual activity with animals (p. 576)

And Bearism - the love for bears

By the way if you liberals are even thinking of sexually gratifying yourself don’t forget to show your coupon… and it is good for one time only!!


Only one per criminal!


Bachmann on Taxes on the Ultra Rich Real Americans: “We have seen an orgy… The government spent its wad.” (actual Quote!)

GOP calls for help!

The American East Front. May 4, 2009 - The CDC just released news that the deadly “NAFTA Flue” “Donkey Flu” (aka Mexican Flu, aka the Gay Flu, aka Illegal Alien Flu) has turned deadlier. Officials suggested that not only will the flu turn Real Americans into Queer Liberal Bear-lovers, but it has the potential to turn its victims into Gay Zombies!!!

“This is shocking news! It is as we feared, the democrats are recruiting these gay zombies to form a Gay Zombie Army!!” declared a Real American and Major General of America’s kick @$$ Army! “Fear not, for our Real American soldiers are not gay and they have the blessings of the Baby Jesus to fight The Gays and their Impure Gay thoughts… Is true, God told us is ok to torture these Gays until the stop being Gay! They tried to corrupt my men, but as you can clearly see there are no gays in the army… because I ask them if they were gay and they say no!

News that liberals are raising a Gay Zombie Army has prompted the Pentagon to demand the return of the draft to match their numbers, but The Gays will still not be allowed to join... to reiterate that they have plenty of soldiers to fight the Gay Zombie Army. But fear not, even if America’s army needed help NOM is willing to finance additional Mercenaries Soldiers of Fortune Real American Militias to fight The Gay Threat! According with NOM, God is financing their cause to fight The Gays and everyone knows that God is Super Rich enough to buy Himself lots of soldiers… Even better, Joe The Plumber has been chosen as the Supreme Commander of the American Armed Forces Against The Gay Threat… he promised us he will be a benevolent dictator Real Leader on the fight against The Gays… The Glorious Chairman of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, will be his Vice-Chief and lead the battle against The Gays and liberals.

While the brave men and women in uniform fights the Gay Threat, many Real Americans are asking why is the mooslim “magical” tyrant allowing the Gay Threat to continue. Many Real Americans are tired of the moolim’s liberal agenda to sexually corrupt the rest of Real America.

“While America is being overrun by Gay Zombies, the mooslim tyrant busies himself in finding ways to destroy America. Did you know Obama refuses to appoint someone to head FEMA? The shock! Obama doesn’t care about white people Real America People!” declared a Real American. “Is time for Real Americans to take back this country from the clutches of the socialists!!! It is the patriotic duty of The Ultra Rich to pay no taxes!! We must stop the socialist policies that is robbing the American people of their personal wealth! Only Real America can save America!”

The GOP has promised the American public that once the Gay Zombie Threat is over they will go back to the business of fixing America… and to stop the socialist disease and the insidious socialist healthcare plan that could bankrupt America forever.

“Gosh… clearly, the GOP leadership knows what its doing… unlike some ungrateful traitors who have abandoned us!” declared The Greatest Maveratrix Ever who has gained more popularity than Ever! It is believed that she will become our new leader after the moolim tyrant is ousted. hopes that the GOP will be victorious and able to stop The Gay Zombie Army once and for all, but news that the mooslim tyrant is close of seizing permanent dictatorial powers and close of establishing a permanent democratic majority has motivated America’s Real Army to fight to the last man…

Meanwhile news that Condoleezza Rice will participate in Fox’s new show “Are you Smarter than a 4th Grader” was welcomed as a great way to increase Real America’s morale in the long War on The Gays… this will clearly entertain the troops.

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