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Based on a book by one of Dr. Colbert's guests (Howard Fineman's "Thirteen American Arguments") has created this tube to compile the Brazillion Truthiness Arguments for The Heroes to add to and for future generations of Americans to enjoy.

The Brazillon Truthiness ArgumentsEdit

  1. Does Gayness Survive Beyond An Innocent, Yet Brief Exploration During Summer Camp (Or That One Time In College)?
  2. Can Anarchy Have A Leader (Besides Ayn Rand)?
  3. Torture Or Fraternity Hazing?
  4. Urinal Usage: To Look Or Not To Look?
  5. Is A Boss Still A Boss When Employees Can Charge Him With Sexual Harassment For Any Little Thing?
  6. When Texas Doesn't Get What It Wants, How Quickly Should It Secede?
  7. When The Texas Governor Is Threatened With A Tough Primary, How Quickly Should Texas Be Thrown Out Of The Union?

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