is a City found in Canada, eh.
Mayor: Navdeep Bains - Liberal Commie
City Motto:
Nickname: Bramladesh
Theme Song: Anything Bhangra
Population: Most people sublet basements
Standard MPH: Mississauga Transit Bus No.19
Principal industries: Immigration Offices
Fun Fact # 1: Home of the "who farted" t shirt craze.
Fun Fact # 2: Waves of cheap families come every Saturday from Brampton to Mississauga Best Buys to haggle

Home of the Brave OHL stick masters The Brampton Battalion.

This age old town may have perhaps been founded on the grave site of ancient 1st Naton's eagle hunters.

To Mississauga, Brampton is known more commonly as 'Bramladesh', and Ontario's Mexico.

Brampton was founded by the cookie monster in the year of 1974. The great war of balugeetahrah-ah-ah-gah-rawr took place shortly after discovery but it was too long ago to be certain of the date. The two sides were barbies vs. hot wheels. The war is still secretely going on in underground facilities. The hobos of brampton are really ninjas immigrated from the north pole and santa sent them on a mission to stop the war between barbies and hot wheels so he can once again send barbies and hot wheels as gifts during Christmas. But the ninja hobos have failed to prevail their mission yet. A significant part of Brampton's history is when it began to rain cats and dogs. One day it started to rain cats and dogs and it was like BAM! random cats and dogs falling on top of people. This is also how the great Miley Cyrus died. But it is also rumored that the cats and dogs were thrown, not rained upon. The most important part of Brampton's history so far was when the first Wal-mart was built. History proves that Bramptonians favourite pastimes included trips to Wal-mart and the goal of completing the list of 333 ways to get kicked out of walmart. History does not include if anyone has succeeded in this game but it is still enjoyed by millions to this day. Every year Brampton has been invaded by pirates (on a random day each year). The pirates have continue to rob pie from residents homes at night. Law enforcement and residents of Brampton can do little to save their pie. Pirates if you are reading this... WE WANT OUR PIES BACK!

Brampton TodayEdit

Popular Ethnic Neighborhoods In BramptonEdit

The entire city is basically a "Little India."

Brampton Landmarks:Edit


High End Fashion... a little pricey.

Famous People From BramptonEdit

Comedic actor Michael Cera was born and raised in Brampton.

Russell Peters, Canada's foremost Indian comedian, was born here in Brampton. as well as the famous cattle herder Jim Jenkins

A Typical Day In BramptonEdit

-Traveling to Best Buy in Mississauga to try to get a good deal on some electronics.

-Traveling to Future Shop in Mississauga to try to get a good deal on some electronics.

-Traveling to Audio Video 2001 in Mississauga to try to get a good deal on some electronics.

-Traveling to Vistek in Mississauga to try to get a good deal on some electronics.

-Traveling to Tiger Direct in Mississauga to try to get a good deal on some electronics.

-Eating 6 large bowls of fibre cereal in the morning and taking a huge dump on my neighbors car windshield before i go to work.

Strange Laws in BramptonEdit

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