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Braddock, Pennsylvania
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
All the geography American schoolkids Need To Know.
Mayor: John Fetterman
City Motto: Where the hell did everybody go?
Nickname: Future Home of The Stephen Colbert Museum and Gift Shop
Theme Song: add stuff here-4
Population: less than 3,000 (2009)
Standard MPH: add stuff here-6
Principal industries: sandwiches and truthiness and lessons for America(for now)
Fun Fact # 1: The Home Office is located here.
Fun Fact # 2: add stuff here-9

Braddock HistoryEdit

According to mayor John Fetterman, Braddock was the cradle of America's steel industry and where Andrew Carnegie got his start.

Braddock TodayEdit


Fetterman discusses his town with Dr. Colbert.

Braddock's mayor, John Fetterman, appeared on America's Greatest Newsprogram Ever, "The Colbert Report," on February 25, 2009 to tell his city's story of woe and want. agents scrambled to take action.

Millions of editors adopted honorary Braddock, Pennsylvania IP addresses and began crafting ways the internets can help Braddock. opened a virtual home office in an internet tube connected to Braddock.

Popular Ethnic Neighborhoods In BraddockEdit

         To whom it may concern:
I was born in braddock in 1940. We lived there when Braddock was a thriving and growing community. We were forced to move because of corrupted politics. The local officials sold out to federal corruption by forcing the tax paying citizens to move and created what i call mordern slums. The same example can be presented when mayor Lawernce sold out to not only federal corruption, but also General Motors to replace the modern street car with modern slum taxi-cabs(busses). The Braddock political gods are still alive today and can be seen lining up main street waiting for their next quarter.(parking meters) When people start voting with their feet, Braddock will die, while Monroeville will continue to grow.....

Braddock LandmarksEdit


Dr. Colbert reacting to the idea of opening a museum dedicated to himself in Braddock.

Famous People From BraddockEdit


Mayor Fetterman

A Typical Day In BraddockEdit

Strange Laws in BraddockEdit

  • accept bailout money from every Republican who doesn't want it (actually in hindsight that doesn't seem that strange after all)

External TubesEdit

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