Stastny Yan
Boston Bruins
is Hockey-related
making it un-American
"Boston Bruins"
is an Official "Lover of Immoral Bears" (LiB) Site™
Boston Bruins
gives aid and comfort to America's enemies. As A True American™,
it is your duty to report Boston Bruins to the authorities.

The Boston Bruins are an NHL team that competes in the Northeast Division(regularly dominated by the Toronto Maple Leafs).

The team consists solely of gay bears.

Bobby Orr, one of the "greatest players in hockey history" was a Bruin for most of his career, so he used to be a godless killing machine. He later changed teams to the Chicago Blackhawks, a great and noble, America-loving franchise, named after Black Hawk helicopters, which are frequently used to destroy the godless killing machines we call bears. Orr saw the error of his ways in playing with the bloodthirsty, godless Bruins, and switched teams so he could join the fight against bear influence in Chicago's NFL team.

In spring 2011, they won Stanley Cup after 39 years.

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