Boris Yeltsin
Is a former CIA Employee of the Month!
Keep up the good work!

If The Greatest President Ever knew him, his nickname would have been "Bluto"

Boris (February 1, 1931-April 23, 2007) was the kind of leader Russians wanted to have a drink with, and usually did.

He never took his shoe off during UN meetings and didn't have some horrific red splotch on his face either. Yeltsin oversaw the conversion of Russia from a country controlled by a small cabal of relatively poor communist leaders, to a small cabal of incredibly rich Russian mobsters.

Boris was just a great guy who seemed to be at the right place at the right time.

  • he was around during the fall of the Berlin Wall
  • when the Romanov family was executed, he was in the vicinity
  • when the new Russian state seemed on the brink of collapse, he was graciously moving aside for Putin

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