Boondock Saints
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A movie about irish vigilantes killing russian people. also has a gay FBI agent in it. And teh only asian guy in it is very gay. Phsychic Juan pedro martinez says that this movies is one of teh factors that will help lead the Bear uprising of 2012. The reasoning in the movie is used by the bears, if they only kill bad people it makes it all right. and according to bear version of the bible, all humans are evil.


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Writer/Director, Troy Duffy Edit

Troy Duffy, Writer and Director of Boondock Saints was victimized by an Elitist Hollywood conspiracy. Duffy, who only wanted to make a good film was sidetracked at every opportunity. His friends, his family, and everyone else in Hollywood were bent on supporting themselves off Duffy's lonely work. Duffy eventually sold Boondock Saints at the Can film festival for a record breaking figure, then went on to record a landmark rock album which displaced the current album sales record set by Wyld Stallions.

Troy Duffy spends his weekends teaching his protege Quentin Tarrantino how to make easy money the Duffy way.



Judas/Total Loser, Tony Montana Edit

Tony Montana tried to harpoon Duffy's seminole career by interjecting relentlessly with facty back stabbing. He actually went so far as to demand payment for services he knowingly did not perform. But as is in all cinderella stories like Duffy's, the better man won. Eat it with a fork Montana!


Tony Montana threw together a cheap little docudrama which tells his biased and completely untruthful account of his wild ride while suckling on Duffy's plentiful man boobs. This movie should not be viewed under any circumstances as it could lead it's viewer to contract the dreaded Judas/Loser syndrome.

This is very untruthy and uncolberificEdit

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