The Book of Mormon is the supplemental religious text used by the The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. These "Mormons" have an interesting story behind how they came into possesion of this novel.
The book of mormon

Here is the controversial text

Joseph Smith


Heavenly Father and Jesus appearing to Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith was a local cook in upstate New York in the late 1820's. He claims to have been very confused by all of the different versions of christianity. He was not sure which church our lord and saviour would want a young man to select. So he did the only reasonable thing and asked in a prayer which church he should become a memeber of. Durring his prayer young Joseph says that God himself and Jesus appeared before him. They told Joseph that the true church of God was not on the planet Earth. They also allegedly told Joseph that he now must create the true church of God. In addition to all of this they told young Joseph of a hill where he could dig and retrieve another testament of Jesus Christ.

The Golden Plates

On the hill Joseph is said to have dug as instructed. Upon digging he came across a set of golden plates and some "seer stones". The plates were in a dead languge and Joeseph would have to use the "seer stones" to translate them. However, god had instructed Joseph to not allow anyone else to see the plates but him. It is alleged that Hank Williams Jr. is in possession of the plates currently.
Gold plates

How much would you say these are worth?

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