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Born: September 17, 1972 (1972-09-17) (age 36) (age 44)

Robert "Bobby" Lee, Jr is an American comedian, known for his appearance in the movie The Rampaging Colbert 2. He is the only Asian to have ever appeared on or watched MADtv. Most of his characters are Asian, including Kim Jong-il and Connie Chung and John McCain.

Acting "Career"Edit


Bobby Lee appeared on the cast of MADtv in Season 7 in 2001 as a featured player, he became a Repertory cast member in season 8 in 2002.

His real fame came when he starred in The Rampaging Colbert 2 as Captain North Korea.

Madtv CharactersEdit

  • Bae Sung
  • Bobby Lee (In Various Clips He Plays As Himself)
  • Billy (Sesame Street)
  • Blind Kung Fu Master
  • Cho (Sometimes I do)
  • Cookie Nakamura (Sorority Row)
  • Dr. Poon Ji Sum (Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive)
  • Joe Hoon
  • Joseph Yamanashi (Coach Hines sketches)
  • Johney Gong
  • Hideki (Average Asian)
  • Kim Chee (The B.S.)
  • Phil (Knobs)
  • Tank
  • Turtle (Abercrombie and Fitch)
  • Tyler Matsumoto (Hello, Hollywood/Iraq, Hello)
  • Sayuri (Memoirs of a Geisha)
  • Xing Lao "Johnny" Gan


Catch phrasesEdit

Blind Kung Fu Master

  • "It is I, The Blind Kung Fu Master"
  • "Behold the mark of the Ming Dragons"
  • "Why couldn't you tell me that was there"
  • "My Noodles!"
  • "My GoNaDDS!"

Bae Sung

  • "It's like a..."
  • "Uh oh, hot dog!"
  • "Holla!"
  • "Pineapple Juice, I dunno..."
  • "Yes, yes!"


  • "Daewooooooo!"
  • "PASS!""

Dr. Poon Ji Sum

  • "Huh?"

Xing Lao "Johnny" Gan

  • "I would do her hard and sloppy, the Johnny Gan way!"

Cho and North Korean Scientist

  • "Sometimes I do."


In 2005, Lee was at the red carpet of the Emmys. He met up with Stephen Colbert and refered to him as "El Guapo" Colbert returned the kindness by telling Bobby that he had nice Cleavage.


Film appearancesEdit

Year Title Role Notes
2009 The Rampaging Colbert 2 Captain North Korea
2004 Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Kenneth Park
1999 The Underground Comedy Movie Chinese Man

Television appearancesEdit

  • Mind of Mencia (2006) as Chinese CSI Agent,a stereotypical Asian clerk as well as a "Butt Pirate"
  • IBM commercial
  • MADtv (2001- Present) as himself and Various Characters

External TubesEdit

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