Fox Nation2
'Allo Guv'nor!
Bobby Jindal
is the governor of Louisiana
Bobby Jindal
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

Hey, if Bobby's a Republican, then that must be a black Christian baby!

Bobby 'Macaca' Jindal is the Govenor of Louisiana and a former Hindu, now Muslim Catholic (but somehow still Republican).

Hurray, Help Is Finally On The Way For Louisiana!Edit

At last, Louisiana will get help from the federal government now that they don't have as many democrat voters anymore and the people who remained voted a Republican into the governor's mansion!


Mr. Jindal's supporters say he is everything they've been looking for in a candidate/party savior. Critics, however call him a Focus Group Frankenstein. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Jindal is genuine about everything he believes, including the things that sound as if they've been workshopped by Frank Luntz.

His Real NameEdit

Since we called Obama by his full name Barack Hussein Obama we must also call Bobby Jindal by his full name Piyush Jindal. We must also recognize the possibility that he is a secret Sick-ist or Hindoo who put a death curse on America during Katrina.

Bobby's real name is of no one's concern, since he's able to produce a birth certificate proving his American citizenship.

Responding To The Secret MuslimEdit

On February 24, 2009, Comrade Chairman Barack Hussein Obama highjacked America's TV tubes and blabbed on and on for hours (just like his mentor Hugo Chavez). When he was finally finished, America's TV airwaves were returned and Bobby walked around the corner to deliver the GOP response to the socialist agenda for America.

America sat rapt for the entire time Bobby was on camera. Never once did he try to revise history or talk down to his audience as though they were all children. But even if he did, it was only because he had to dumb it down for the liberals in the audience.

Full text of Governor Jindal's history-making speech, proof that he can do anything!

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