I am Bob Ney and my lawyer swears I'm not a
Bob Ney
was a United States Representative
for the state of Ohio, but has since "retired".

Bob Ney was the former proud representative of Ohio's 18th congressional district — the fightin' 18th! We also have him to thank for freedom fries, the greatest American invention since the Shamwow.

He would still be in office, if it wasn't for his strong belief in retirement.


Mr. Ney values his privacy so much he insisted on holing himself off from the outside world

Bob's lawyer has stated that he would be unavailable for interviews for about 2 and half years. At that time, Bob will have joined the FBACC and will be eligible for his $29,000-a-year pension, which Bob was able to get before Nancy Pelosi wrote a law specifically to prevent Mr. Ney from collecting the retirement he loved so dearly and so rightfully deserves.

Fortunately, Mr. Ney won over $50,000 dollars during a gambling junket at fact-finding mission to a London casino, where he was staked by a known businessman.


  • When Ney's family arrived at Ellis Island from Japan in the 1880's, a customs officer asked Ney's Great-grandfather, Toshiro Omofuke his name. However, before Omofuke could answer, a nearby horse whinnied, and the customs officer entered "Ney" in the Journal of Arrivals.

Bob Ney
will one day be a fine addition
to the Greatest Corporation of All--FOX!!!

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