God Touching Adam
"Bob Jones University"
you have been touched in a very special way.

Welcome to Bob Jones University!

The greatest thinking institution of all time. BJU was Founded by Bob Jones, Sr. in 1AD, promptly after Jesus died, it was used to combat the Romans, Satanists, Bears, and Liberals. Jesus personally thanks Bob Jones for his commitment to Freedom.

As Bob Jones, Sr. said,

"I would rather see a saloon on every corner than a Catholic in the White House. I would rather see a n****r as president."
~ Bob Jones, Sr.

Bob Jones University
Location: Satan's asscrack
Type of School: private
Annual Tuition: White: $5,000; Colored: $875,000
Mascot: Mascots forbidden
School Colors: Color forbidden
School Song: Singing forbidden
Student Population: Counting forbidden
Fun Fact # 1: 217 students have been expelled for holding hands since 2003.
Fun Fact # 2: 66.6% of alumni go on to be KKK members.

Dr. Bob recognized that the Bible establishes a pecking order, with God on top and everyone else writhing sinfully underneath. So it's important for the True Christian™ to know that saloons and n****rs rank higher than Catholics in the divine hierarchy. (Please See: True Christian™ Hierarchy)

Bob Jones University recognizes that the only thing lower in God's eyes than Catholics are the Jews and the gays. To emphasize that marriage is between one man and one woman, the university has twice endorsed the Bush-Dick presidential ticket.

"I would rather see whites and ni**ers share the same water fountains than see the knees of our female students"

-Bob Jones Sr.

In 2000, Bob Jones University abolished its ban on interracial dating, proudly joining the 20th century just as it passed into the history books.

Yet, the university also keeps tradition alive: a dormitory is named in honor of Bibb Graves, former Governor of Alabama and Grand Dragon of the Alabama Ku Klux Klan.

Since the founding of the university, the dress code has been very strict when it comes to women. As Bob Jones Sr. said,

"Exposed knees and shoulders are the staples of a whorish woman. Ni****s have more integrity than those harlots, and we all know those dogs are only good to use as wind chimes and bear food."

Former students include:

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Despite what you may have heard
Bob Jones University
Is totally not racist!
Oh No!
Bob Jones University
needs help fast!
Quick! Someone call the cavalry!

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