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Bob Dole
was a United States Senator
for the state of Kansas, but has since "retired".
Bob Dole
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Bob Dole

Viagra spokesperson and Republican presidential candidate


Right arm shriveled and useless

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Set that Turk free.
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~ Bob Dole

Bob Dole could never win a Presidential election.

Fun Fracts about Bob DoleEdit

Bob Wood

Bob is tired of his wife asking this question every night

  • "Bob Dole admitted he used cocaine when he was in college, but then Coca-Cola changed its formula."
  • Switched to Pepsi in the 1950's.
  • Right arm rendered useless from a WWII injury. He always carries a pen glued to the palm of his right hand so no one will try to shake his hand.
  • Bob Dole's brain is shriveled and useless.
  • Bob Dole is Bob Dole

Appearance With ColbertEdit

Bob Dole
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

February 5, 2008

  • first words out of his mouth were to correct Stephen's pronunciation of fracas
  • wrote a letter to Rush Limbaugh to back off John McCain
  • Stephen prepared a letter of recommendation for Mr. Dole to sign
    • which he will use to get into the Masons
    • (he signed it "John Romney")
  • Stephen knows why he didn't endorse McCain: he is going to run himself to change America
  • prefers Condi Rice as McCain's VP
  • no one wants to be VP until the phone rings and someone asks
  • His wife, Elizabeth, ran for President
    • would they have been a two-fer if she had won?

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