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Giuliani dance
Giuliani dance
It's Giuliani Time!
Sir Rudy says Blues
makes him want to shake his booty.

Musical RootsEdit

Blues is an American style of music that started in the 1800s during the days of slavery. It was originally simple chants that the slaves sang while working on plantations. Upon the 1900s Jazz started to lend itself to blues. The genre started out as being very popular with Black people and most blues artists were black.

Stylistic MovementsEdit

Blues has been about pain, suffering, injustice, and loss which is one thing Black people had to deal with very often. Upon the 60s and 70s Blues had a lot to do with drugs. At that time Britain became interested in Blues and Eric Clapton became an early British pioneer in the Blues. He is also white which shocked the Blues world.

Early PioneersEdit

Styles Influenced By BluesEdit

The Blues have influenced almost every major musical genre. It has influenced:

Modern Blues StarsEdit

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