Blue Dog
is an American Political Party.

Blue dog3

The party symbol for the Blue Dogs: half-elephant, half ass.

The Blue Dog Party is a confusing/frightening amalgamation of erstwhile Republicrats who want so badly to get (re-)elected that they live their political lives in a constant balancing act, trying to manage both social issues and fiscal responsibilities. Blue Dogs are very, very sad political animals. Their weekly "Blue Dog Party Party" is not much fun, either, especially since Rahm Emanuel usually comes by just when it starts to get good and tells everyone to turn the music down.

Current Blue Dog Party MembersEdit

Bluer Dogs, Class of 2009Edit

Senate members roll call

  • Evan Bayh of Indiana
  • Tom Carper of Delaware
  • Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas
    • these three senators are members of Third Way, a progressive Democratic policy group
  • Mark Udall of Colorado
  • Michael Bennet of Colorado
  • Mark Begich of Alaska
  • Kay Hagan of North Carolina
  • Herb Kohl of Wisconsin
  • Mary Landrieu of Louisiana
  • Joe Lieberman of Connecticut
  • Claire McCaskill of Missouri
  • Ben Nelson of Nebraska
  • Bill Nelson of Florida
  • Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire
  • Mark Warner of Virginia

Inspiration for the Blue Dog MascotEdit

Blue Dog

The Blue Dog seeks comfort in its unnaturally short lifespan.

A bastard of an animal. A satanic, sick, unspeakable hybrid of the ass of an ass and the frontal portion of an elephant. Most of its time will be spent wandering the land, tempted to end its own life in an effort to free the world of one more donkey. Ironically, it is unable to fulfill that task because its donkey balls lack the testicular fortitude to either do what's right for their party or what's right for their country.

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This horrid beast will spend eternity wandering the vitriolous wastelands of Utah.

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