It's too late to pray for Blood Libel!
Blood Libel is doomed!
Blood Libel is heretical
and makes The Baby Jesus jealous!
May it rot in the fires of his judgement!

What Gaytheists do in their free time.


Sodomites eating a baby.

Blood libel is a term that has to do with the Jews eating their babies. However, most Catholics now know that the Jews are our friends because they are key to speeding up the Rapture. Now it's atheists, feminists, Arabs, Muslims, agnostics, pastafarians, Hindoos, Buddhists, and sodomites who eat babies during orgies. Mel Gibson, however, is an old-school kind of guy when it comes to his blood libel.

Modern-day Blood LibelEdit


Bearlister Crowley eating a baby seal.

Modern day Blood Libel has to do with all kinds of Gaytheists and cultists and evil Jews eating babies and aborted fetuses. It's all a part of the satanic plot implemented by the Bearluminaty who control the world.

God duped you into eating your babies!

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