Blah People (AKA Blah-frican American)

A group of people who practice the blah-lifestyle that is corrupting America's way of life. Rick Santorum was the first white man to discover the blah people.

Facts About Blah PeopleEdit

  • They are not white
  • They are lazy
  • They vote Democrat
  • They belong to gangs
  • They do drugs
  • They steal
  • They are on welfare

History of the Blah People Edit

The blah people are native or indigenous people from the American South. Allegedly, they are originally from a mythical and mysterious land from the other side of the ocean. Their ancestor came in several waves before 1560 as they were invited by several rich white land owners. Over several centuries in the freedom that only hard work can provide, the blahs developed a unique culture with their own language, distinctive crafts, and performing arts that is popular with the youth generation. The Blahs have developed a tribal society based on social customs and organizational traditions from their homeland. The Blahs principle chief economy is the import and distribution of goods, sophisticated avant-garde entertainment, and a thriving consumer economy. The Blahs also developed a major horticultural industry that flourished using plants they introduced to America, and after about 1966 a prominent warrior culture emerged that shifted the American cultural landscape.

Uses in cultureEdit

  • people who hear "blah" and think "black" are racist

"Blah People"
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