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A blackout is when all the lights don't work. All other electric appliances will operate as normal, including the refrigerator. However, when you open the refrigerator door, the light will not come on due to the blackout.

Tips for surviving a BlackoutEdit

Condi Poppins

If you see this in the shadows near your front know what to do.

  • If a dark figure appears at your front door in the shape of an old woman, it could be a pill popping bandit who wants to steal your Nintendo Wii. So shoot while it still looks like an old woman.
  • Go to the local pharmacy to pack up on goodies for the blackout. All of the stop lights will be out of order, so you'll be able to make it in record time.
  • Heavy plenty of flashlights around the house. None of them will work in your time of need, but looking for one that does will give you something to do in your new found free time. You can also whack the pill popping bandit as she steals your Wii because you ran out of shotgun shells.

After A BlackoutEdit

Once the blackout has exhausted itself, go about your regular business; it's over now and there is no need to dwell on the past.

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