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The Blackberry was a Featured Word on 9/17/2008.
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Abandon Truthiness All Ye Who Enter This Internets Tube!
"The Blackberry"
discusses one of the Liberal's Magical Machines.

The Blackberry is a handheld device invented by The Greatest Maverick Ever[1] to assist Americans wishing to access the internets.

Technical SpecificationsEdit


Satanic UsesEdit

AKA the "Crack-Berry" is known to be highly addictive and psycologically stimulating...definitely a sign of the king of this present world's intent to suck life from every living thing through constant entertainment, web stimuli, and un-ending email. There is no place to hide or find peace, the Crack-Berry is with you waking and sleeping; working and playing; watching, listening, worshiping it constantly is a user's habit. It is the all-mighty phone of the beast for certain. I haven't found the "mark of the beast" imprinted on it yet (probably micro printed on the chip set), but I am afraid to dial 666 for sure.

The final satanic test is water, 'cause I hear that if you soak it in water, it dies. Just like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Use with caution, Satan hears every call! Even the corporate heads at AIG. That's Truthiness and Justice, isn't it?

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