Black Islamophobia
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Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes Mooslims on this motherfucking plane!
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~ Sammuel L. Jackson
Mooslims on a Plane

Black Islamophobia is a new phenomenon that is helping African-Americans to learn the wonders of racial/ethnic prejudice against anything that is un-american and non-white so they can prove their loyalty and patriotism to white people. They dont have to, but it is recommended.

This stepping stone into Real American society is helping African-Americans to earn enough street cred with the whites that will allow them to cement their power base in the Hierarchical Power of The Man

Even Black People are Afraid of MooslimsEdit

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I am definitely afraid of motherfucking snakes in Muslim garb on a motherfucking plane
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~ Larry Wilmore
October 25, 2010


Even Shaft is afraid of mooslims, and that says a lot

In the past white people were afraid of black people and for a good reason, white people didnt realize they could make friends with the blacks and earn a token black friend that would help them overcome their racial prejudice and obtain racial enlightenment that would help them end all racism. Plus, they learned that black friends gave you benefits like being able to tell racist jokes without being racist. You cant be racist if you have black friends! (you cant still say the N-Word, dont be stupid)

Before the mooslim threat, black people could terrify a white man just by looking black. Today, not so much. Mooslims on the other hand can terrify white people AND black people just by dressing like a mooslims (and it takes a lot to terrify black people, is true!)

Black Islamophobia Ends Black Racism: The End of an EraEdit

But now that we have a mooslim threat and the rampant fear of terrorism running down the streets, blacks and whites have joined forced to destroy terrorism. Mooslim Americans cannot be trusted the same way that we trust befriend our African-American allies. Blacks have earned our trust friendship after centuries of racism of racial interaction.

Besides, unlike mooslims, blacks are an integral part of the American culture. Who is going to provide our supply of rap music, crack cocaine, and janitorial services wait, we have Mexicans for that black entertainment?

Some Black People Not Happy with Black IslamophobiaEdit

Not all black people support the mooslim fear rage. They feel envy. Some believe this is just a fad that will fade in a few years. Many blacks have worked very hard to scare the living sh#t out of white people, now they suddenly feel unfearful and unappreciated.

Team WhiteEdit


What is equally terrifying than mooslims on a plane?
Snakes on a plane.

Team Black (Our Allies and Black Friends)Edit

Team Mooslim (Our Mutual Enemies)Edit

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If they are not going to make a distinction between Mooslims and violent extremists then why should I take the time to distinguish between descent fearful white people and racists?
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~ Aasif Mandvi
October 25, 2010

White People Freak OutEdit

I have to admit, it is fun to scare white people.

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