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Black Hills
is one of the ways God Blessed America.

The Black Hills are a series of isolated mountains within the Great Plains of America in modern-day South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. Many of these mountains contains various minerals and many mines covered the area until they run dry. Various Red Indians considered the hills sacred.

During the Gold Rush, much of the early American Settlers expanded into the areas and Boom Towns were founded along the mines. The Bear Spirit, who lives in the Black Hills, hate the settlers for the mines. Natives living on Black Hills were often influenced by the Bear Spirit, who turns them into "Hostile Indian Tribe" by making them believed that the hills were sacred and by granting them supernatural powers. That contributed to the Indian Wars and many battles were fought in the region.

After the mines run dry, the economy turn to forestry and tourism. American kids go to see the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse Memorial, etc. at state-funded field trips to learn about American History.

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