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Al Franken
Bitch has earned
"I remember old Suzie B. My old man used to romp with her. She was a slut...BUUUNG!"
~ Ronald Reagan's Ghost

Example 1: Paris - The socialite and what people in France generally look like.

Anthony dollar coin

Example 2: Susan B. Anthony: Homegrown American terrorist and mother to the death of the American family. She's on a coin and Reagan isn't?

A person who is a non-it-getter Not to be confused with a pussy though the two terms are not always mutually exclusive.

For instance, the term bitch can be broken down into two sub-categories:

Catg1. A person who is easily frightened or weak natured. This can apply to men and women (See Example 1).

Catg2. Primarily consists of women who try to assert their dominance by acting hyper-masculine while also secretly craving the support and direction of a man (See Example 2).

Some liberal elites would have you believe that bitch is also an acceptable term for a female dog. But as we all know, a dog is man's best friend. And man's best friend can't be a bitch. Moving on.

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