Despite what you may have heard
Bishop Long
Is totally not gay!

Bishop Eddie Long (aka Eddie "Foot" Long) is a black preacher that is fighting the gay bear menace.

His Anti-Gay CampaignEdit

The Gay AccusationEdit

Bishop Long has been accused of having sex with one young man two disturbed men three men known to be liers four men that are welfare queens a harem of young men. As always liberals are providing nothing but facts to sustain their accusations.

It is a well known fact that liberals like to slander God's preachers with the false accusations. That all God's preachers are all sekretly gay or that they have the gay disease deep within them, which is false of course.

Why cant Liberals stop their gay agenda and stop accusing this honest man of God of being gay? He aint no gay, everyone knows that black people cant be gay!

"Suppose" Evidence That He is GayEdit

  • Had gay sex with teenage boys, making him a pedophile Ephebophile... what the hell is an Ephebophile?...
  • Used church funds to become a Gay Sugar Daddy... wait, gays have Sugar Daddies?![1]
  • Had a Sekret Ceremony Gay Marriage with two other gay men, making him a gay and a Poligamist. [2]

Clear Evidence That He is Not Teh GeyEdit

  • He is Black (just like Afrika, Gay Blacks are a myth)
  • He loves God (would God allow two timing on his watch?)
  • He is a Preacher Christian
  • He spend a lot of time with black teenagers, because he wanted to be a hipster priest (plus, black men know what black men like)
  • He is married TO A WOMAN!
  • His "Sekret" Gay Marriage is a lie, Gay Marriage is illegal in America.

See AlsoEdit

Divine TubesEdit

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