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is science-related, sending it straight to hell.

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Feed Your Kids? or Feed Your Cars?

Biofuel is an alternative fuel made from plants or other biomass. Environmentalist purposed the used of Biofuel in place of Fossil Fuel to reduce carbon emission. Use of Biofuel has been linked to Crimes Against Humanity for taking food away from poor nations to feed the industries of rich nations.

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Environmentalist wants to reduce the population of humans by half to lessen the stress on the environment

With the invention of Biofuel, food prices are now linked to fuel prices. World Food Program can now only afford to buy one third of what it previously can. By 2015, the projected death cause by the lack of food due to the invention of Biofuel is expected to exceed the death cause by the invention of Atom Bomb, thus Biofuel will become the deadliest invention ever in the near future.

2008 Food Crisis Edit


Attention, this is fuel, not food, and it is not for human consumption.

Farmers switched their 2007 crop from food to fuel for the 2008 stock. The massive reduction of rice/wheat planting and harvest in 2007 has created a global rice/wheat shortage and doubled the rice/wheat price in global market. Expect global riots and protests, failed states around the world, as well as massive amount of refugee trying to cross the border. Corn price his rising dramatically to the point that corn farmers are hiring guns to protect their field from theft. Furthermore, more farmers switched their 2008 crop from food to fuel. So, expect even less food for the 2009 stock.

2012 Projection Edit

By 2012, much of foodstuff will be used as fuel. Man will eat man-flavored Doritos chips.

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