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Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas used the truthyism that "there is a proliferation of rights[1]" in America to guide his proposed Bill of Obligations and Responsibilities.

Expected to be an expansion of modern Christian legal thought filtered through the unique American sensibility, Thomas' Bill of Obligations and Responsibilities will replace the old Bill of Rights.

Dr. Colbert discussed just a few of the Articles of Obligations and some of the Articles of Responsibilities during the April 14, 2009 episodeEpisode #540 of the greatest American news program ever, "The Colbert Report."

Articles Of ObligationsEdit

  1. if you got time to lean, you've got time to cleanEpisode #540
  2. employees must wash handsEpisode #540
  3. if you want to go to the mall, bring little sisterEpisode #540

Articles Of ResponsibilitiesEdit

  1. bring enough gum for everyoneEpisode #540
  2. pretend to know about sportsEpisode #540
  3. never stare at the man in the next urinalEpisode #540
  4. do not pay taxes
  5. tea bag all libruls

Other Things Not In America's Constitution, But That Should BeEdit

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