The Big Mac is America's Hamburger. Unlike other countries, America is the only country to measure it's dominance by the popularity of this famed burger.


Although many sources believe the Big Mac was created by Jesus Christ or Dr. Stephen Colbert (and some would go as far to say John McCain), the real truth is that the Big Mac was made by Jim Delligatti. Delligatti perfected the Big Mac in 1968 when he created the special sauce. No one knows the special sauce ingredients except for Delligatti and his wife, each of whom tried the special sauce before putting it on the burger. Delligatti's wife enjoyed the special sauce very much; so much so that she used the special sauce to impregnate herself with it giving birth to their first born.

Famous SloganEdit

"Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" is the famous slogan of the Big Mac introduced in 1975. This led to an ad Campaign that dominated Airwaves and used the mind-control technique of "Melody" in order to get America to hop on board and gobble up the Big Mac like Hot Cakes, McDonald's Hot Cakes that is. The Slogan and burger remain true to the recipe this day.

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