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God Touching Adam
"Biblical Test"
you have been touched in a very special way.

Like the Biblical hero Job, many of us have felt at some point that our faithiness in God was being tested by our Earthly circumstances. Well, guess what? It probably was. has provided the following chart as a public service to help you determine the precise extent of your test, the reason you needed to be tested, and what you need or needed to do to come through with God's love still intact.

As an added bonus, we've also provided some crib notes on what not to do: since most people fail God's tests by blaming their circumstances on sources outside their own failings, we are also alerting you to the most common sources of blame you should avoid when facing your own tests.

"Have You Been Tested Lately?"
When This Befalls you... have failed God in this manner... ...and this is how you must absolve yourself... ...without using this as an excuse...
low opinion poll numbers citizens of your country have failed you send 21,500 more troops to the Middle East bad policy, leadership, etc.
Category 4 Hurricane decadence, immorality, lewd and lascivious behavior, Frenchification rebuild Trent Lott's house Global Warming
Kidnapped, held captive for four years disliked school, prefered New Parents go on national television to explain why you did not try harder to return to Old Parents Stockholm Syndrome
A tornado destroys an entire town in your state you are liberal send the rest of your National Guard to Iraq most of your National Guard is in Iraq
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