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Does she look like she could play a lesbian in a movie? Stephen believes she can, so should you...

Beyoncé Knowles is a singer and actress. She may or may not be playing Eva Longoria's lesbian lover in a movie. Dr. Stephen Colbert will just assume she will. Better safe than sorry. She may or may not also be Dr. Stephen Colbert's new black friend, Jay-Z's girlfriend. They don't talk about their relationship, but it's safe to assume though.

Is there a Knowles-Longoria breakup on the horizon?Edit


Beyoncé is already cheating on Eva! Cat fight!

No sooner did Stephen announce thier lesbionic affair, but Beyoncé has been seen out with two chicks neither of which is Eva! What a shunder!


Apparently all those rumours about Beyonce marrying a chick were unfounded. She married a dude in 2008, that in secret was just a lesbian woman that did some plastic surgery.

She thinks that she is Mother Theresa. She shows her legs too much.

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