Betty Ford in the kitchen, where she belongs.

Betty Ford is the wife of former President Gerald Ford. She is the founder of Betty Ford Clinics.


Betty Ford was born Betty Warren in Indiana to David and Diane Warren. David Warren was a painter of houses and Diane Warren knew her place and was found either in the kitchen or in the bedroom. Young Betty Warren attended college at the Indiana University of Housewives where she would learn to make the most delicious food in the world. When Indiana played Michigan in football, during Gerald Ford's senior season, Warren was commissioned to make brownies that had marijuana in them and give them to Gerald Ford. Ford ate these brownies and enjoyed them so much he forced Warren into marriage and condemned her into a life in the kitchen where she would make food for him the rest of his life.

Marriage to Gerald FordEdit

Since Gerald Ford only married Betty for her cooking abilities Gerald never had sex with her, instead Gerald Ford would father all his children to Betty through in-vitro fertilization. Betty has always approved of her husband's womanizing because she is lucky that she gets to at least cook for him.

Betty Ford ClinicEdit

Betty Ford was always disgusted about how people gave up and quit so easily, especially with things like alcohol and drugs, because of this she founded the Betty Ford Clinic. At the Betty Ford Clinic she offers alcohol and drugs at affordable prices for the homeless so they do not have to quit.

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