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Better Know A Lobbyist
is a featured segment of
the Greatest American Television Show--EVER!!!, The Colbert Report.

A new unlimited series of interviews conducted by Our Glorious Stephen during which he helps America better know a lobbyist.

February 6, 2008 Better KnowingEdit


February 7, 2008 Better KnowingEdit

    • Stephen chose to be gay late 1982-83
  • when one is desensitized to the gays, it is like having a big gay callus
  • Stephen lobbied Joe on women
    • women have great things, smells, and parts
  • high fives may help fight gay
  • what makes him go showing is a personal question

March 12, 2008 Better KnowingEdit


May 13, 2008 Better KnowingEdit


January 22, 2009 Better KnowingEdit


  • fought key civil rights battles
    • de-segregated schools
    • defeated David Duke in Louisiana
  • Benjamin Jealous
    • he is black
  • he has great timing and great judgment
  • wants a floor for how all people are treated
  • 100 anniversary on February 12th
  • is being stubborn about race and racism
  • when you do well, you reach back to pull forward
  • grab somebody and give them a reach around
    • and a leg up
  • he is satisfied that racism continues
  • by the end of the decade we may put a black man on the moon
  • why not just have everyone be white, then there's not racism
  • he doesn't dream big enough
    • like Dr. King
  • there's a chance that Stephen could be black!

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