Bert is a Nazi who lies to children about convicts and allowing slavery. This discovery was made by Stephen Colbert's former bos, Jon Stewart. He figured this out by braking down the word "Conservative Libertarian".

He was using the chalk board of Glenn Beck so he had to use Beck's rules of if you subscribe to an idea, you subscribe to it's ideaology and all who have used it. The Bert realization was made by realizing the message in the phrase conservative libertarian.

First take the word “Conservative” the first part says Con. A con is a convict, than serv, slavery!!!! Next “Libertarian” first it says li meaning lie. Who is doing the lying, look at the end of the word “Arian” they left out the “Y” because they don’t want you asking questions. That just leaves one more word and it’s the name of the person doing the lying. Bert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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