Bernie Sanders
is a United States Senator
for the state of Vermont
Al Franken
Bernie Sanders has earned

Bernie Sanders is the ancient jr senator for the state of Vermont and the only known Socialist to ever infiltrate Congress.

April 21, 2008 NailingEdit


He was nailed, real hard


  • calls himself a Democratic Socialist
  • he had to be reminded America is not Scandinavia
  • wants to provide health insurance and education to everybody even the losers
  • wants to punish billionaires for being successful
  • Dribble-down Theory Of Economics
    • doesn't think it's a good theory
  • his embrace of Socialism is a fad
  • talking about class welfare and redistribution of wealth
  • supports some Democrats
  • Stephen ended the interviews because he didn't want to sit for another 6 minutes so Sanders could trash-talk The Greatest President Ever


  • He wants to kill your Grandma
  • He eats babies often

Now running for President plans.

  • The death penalty would be outlawed
  • All drugs would be legalized
  • Nuclear power would be outlawed
  • gas-burning cars would be would be outlawed
  • Israel would run our foreign policy
  • Churches that refused to marry gays would be burned
  • all sex acts would be legalized
  • Mexico would become a protectorate, effectively erasing the border
  • The military would be disassembled
  • All theft by poor people would be referred to as "wealth redistribution"
  • White women who don't date minorities would be sent to reeducation camps

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