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Bernie Madoff
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Bernie Madoff
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Inmate #61727054

Bernie Madoff is a true joo entrepreneurial American that tried to benefit himself his community by practicing the teaching of Mr. Fonzie.

Mr. Madoff is best known for an innovative investment scam scheme he developed that was discovered in late 2008 by commie un-american capitalist-haters known as the SEC.

On March 12, 2009, he legally changed his name to Inmate #61727054 and currently lives as a guest of the United States government.

Mr. Madoff's Early Career In MoneyEdit

Mr. Madoff's Marvelous Monetary Adventure!Edit

Mr. Madoff's Asset Transfers Philanthropic Donations to Family Members TrusteesEdit

Mr. Madoff's Candidacy for SainthoodEdit

Based upon the Catholic Church's criteria for sainthood, Bernie Madoff has to have performed three verified miracles. The Madoff Canonization Committee submits that the following miracles are more than adequate basis for Madoff's induction to the pantheon of Saints.

  1. Separating $65 Billion dollars from the privately-owned centralized banks of the world, including the Federal Reserve of America.
  2. Exposing the international Ponzi Schemes and the Ponzification of the World, without being assassinated.
  3. Persuading the American Government to provide him with free room and board, rather than publicly crucifying him on Capitol Hill.
  4. Exposing the international Stock Exchanges for the fraud they have been perpertrating for the past 50 years (at least).

A posthumous miracle will be attributed to Madoff once he has attained Sainthood; this is that he will be the first Jew to have acheived this in the history of Catholocism.

Bernie Madoff's FanmailEdit

If you or a love one wants to send Bernie Madoff your hate mail fan mail, this is your chance!

You can send your mail here!

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