A castle in Berlin, but no king.

Josh purse medium
drives on the wrong side of the road, and carries a man purse.
Must be European.
is a friend of the European Economy that brings Wealth and Prosperity to Capitalist Nations
The Free Market
American Investors thanks you, Berlin
DBB bockbier

ist Deutsch, und hat eine bessere Bier als wir.

Es ist Bier braucht nicht bearbeitet, aber ich denke, man sollte alles ändern.

Berlin is the capital of Germany, a country that gives us the best beer, besides The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland . During the 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's, there was a wall that seperated Free West Germany from Communist East Germany. But now, Germany is just 1 free country, not seprated into two. Berlin is not as good as London, but far superior to Paris, because Paris is in France , and France sucks.

World War II Edit

During World War II, Berlin was the place where Hitler was hiding out from Franklin Roosevelt , Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin . It was the only time us Americans would join hands with the communists, so I hope we never have to touch commie hands again!

The Cold War Edit

After World War II, Nazism was over. To make sure that they don't turn into Hulkster Nazis again, Americans, Britons, French, and Soviets divided Germany into four zones. Poland, right between Soviet Germany and Soviet Russia, was screwed, and Soviet tanks moved in, and Poland became the Soviet Union's bitch. After they got a hold of East Germany and Poland, the Soviets made Czechoslovakia, Hungaria, Romania, Bulgari, and Albania bitches of the Soviet Union. We Americans made Western Europe become America's bitch. This started Cold War between the two pimps, United States and Soviet Union. In 1961, the Berlin Wall was built to keep East Germans, Poles, Czechoslovakians, and Hungarians from reaching rich countries like Austria and West Germany. It wasn't until 1987 when Hungarians opened thier borders with Austria. This let lots of East Germans, Poles, Czechoslovaks, and Hungarians escape to West Germany and Austria. In 1989, The Great Ronald Reagan tore down the Berlin Wall, making Germany reunited! Then, in 1992, Chuck Norris was sent to Moscow, and he forced the Soviet's to end the Soviet Union, and give independence to cool countries like Estonia, Armenia, and Kazakhstan. After that, communism collapsed, and the Soviet Union became the Russian Federarion.

Berlin Today Edit

Today, Berlin is the one of the four capitols of Europe, along with London, Paris, and Rome. Berlin is overpopulated due to it's large number of Turks. Also, Berlin is very very rich because of the Volkswagen companies. Berlin is just another city in a forest country that lives in a dysfunctional family known as the European Union.


A typical hawt German frau in Berlin.

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