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Berkeley, California
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
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Berkeley, California
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Berkeley, a city across the Bay from San Francisco, California, is well-known as the center of the World-Historical Spirit. It was named for the Anglican Bishop Berkeley (pronounced Barkley -- see big red muppet dog) who was a British Idealist philosopher. A few years (19) after the Gold Rush of '49, people decided to bring Civilization to the West (Coast), so they founded this great university city.

Berkeley, California HistoryEdit

1868-1959: Trees, geniuses, Nobel Laureates, and the atom bomb. 1960-Present: The atom bomb has been replaced with hippies.

Berkeley, California TodayEdit


Popular Ethnic Neighborhoods In Berkeley, CaliforniaEdit

Telegraph Ave is the pothead capital of the world.

Berkeley, California LandmarksEdit

The Campanile (bell tower) of the University of California is a lovely Italianate cracker barrel --used to store imperishable foodstuffs during World War II.

Famous People From Berkeley, CaliforniaEdit

  • Rabbi Michael Lerner

A Typical Day In Berkeley, CaliforniaEdit

Strange Laws in Berkeley, CaliforniaEdit

Fascinating facts about the city: 1. site of the first aerial attack on the continental United States: May 15, 1969. Governor Ronald Reagan's decisive attack against sex-crazed hippies and war protestors catapulted him into the forefront of the incipient Conservative Revolution and the Presidency!! 2. the Berkeley City Council initiated an independent peace treaty for the Vietnam War. 3. In Berkeley, people hang poems from trees.

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