Benchmarking is a comparitive activity done in order to discern performance characteristics using other similar products or processes as the compared metric.

Example Edit


A never before seen Benchmarking document comparing Roe to other Family Planning Systems.

For generations, Liberals have strived to find new and improved ways to do The Devil's Business without having to deal with the responsibilty of child rearing. After trying various methods of disposal such as the old "Baby on the doorstep" routine and the now famous "Denied ever having met her" maneuver, liberals could not agree on an effective way to combat the Godly reality of childbirth. That is until the 1973.

In 1973 a private company owned and operated by a mysterious and anonymous board of directors, suspected to be living somewhere near Hollywood released a new process on to the unwilling American public. They called it The Roe Process. Roe promised an entire generation of God's children that they would now be able to procreate without the threat of an unplanned pregnancy.

Before releasing this pestilence process to the public they used benchmarking to compare the new process to tried and true methods of generations past.

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