Ben Stein
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Ben Stein
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.

A loud hyperactive man if ever their was one Ben Stein was a speech writer for Richard Nixon in his youth and an A list movie star today!

After years out of work, somehow Ben was able to land a job as a narrator for a movie that explains the science agenda to Real Americans.

Not being a scientist himself, Ben is still very convincing in his role exposing how science is working to destroy American by keeping America's children ignorant about alternative theories thus insuring their dominance in the sciences.

Long suspected of being the dirty rat known as deep throat Stein put these fears to rest when he explained that when that was going on he was in California getting high.

Since America's Party doesn't allow it's members to be hippycrites, mr. Stein calls himself a libertarian.

Ben doesn't know who Nick and Jessica are but he knows that that he is not descended from a turtle. A turtle that puts on battle dress in 110 degrees and gets all misty eyes in Wisconsin while visiting Joe McCarthy's tomb. How long does grass hang around the receptors?

Hosting JobsEdit

Mr. Stein is best known for his starring turn in a movie about a renegade teenager. in his later jobs, however, he began to host shows and documentaries. The latest of which is a counter-argument to Al Gore and the factonista's science and thinking!

You go, ben Stein!

Ben Stein
is one happenin' Jewish cat!
Shalom, baby!

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